Well hey.
It’s been a while, even by my standards. Remember when I used to joke about how awful and inconsistent I was at posting when I would go, like, three days in between posts?
It’s not my fault. I’ve gotten super busy and famous ever since Lukas Graham wrote his song “7 Years” based on how loNG IT’S BEEN SINCE I POSTED.
(I mean, seven months to be exact, but you get the idea).
I honestly don’t have a good excuse for why I stopped posting other than the fact that I wasn’t having enough fun with it anymore to justify how much time it was taking up, which is more my fault than anything. I’m also ridiculously particular about things and after I had been gone for a month I felt like I would have to review every book I had read during that time in order to feel like I was back on track which is stupid but so am I a lot of the time so I guess it works out.
I’ve also felt horrible and kind of shunned myself (if that even makes sense) from the blogging world because since I stopped blogging ARCs that I requested many months before I stopped blogging finally arrived because it was closer to the release date and I wanted to read them and review them but I felt like I couldn’t because of the whole feeling like I wasn’t on track crazy thing. So then I put it off and a couple months (read: seven) went by really fast and here we areeee.
(I seriously feel horrible about this. I know that other people who could’ve really enjoyed these books and helped the publishers out by getting publicity, so I’m hoping to read them soon and get reviews out so that at the very least you guys can still hear my thoughts on them, even if it is late).
I really have missed blogging, though. The issue was that I wanted to post every single day along with reviewing every book I read but I don’t have enough good ideas to write posts that I’m proud of every day and I don’t read enough good books to write fun reviews that I would want to read. But we’ll get to that later.
I also want to make it clear that I’m perfectly aware that most people weren’t too affected by the fact that I stopped blogging and a long explanation isn’t really needed but I do want to start blogging again and felt like I couldn’t just casually jump back into it.
To put it in terms that all of you might understand better, (this is a book blog after all) I didn’t want to pull a Voldemort, who just showed up four books after all the parties celebrating his death like, “LOL, sike!”
Basically I’m going to start blogging again, but not with a schedule that has set posts every single day. I’m going to review books but not if I feel like I have nothing noteworthy to say, and I’m not going to follow a particular format. My favorite posts that I’ve written on here are the ones that were random and took days to write, like my predictions posts and my weird edits. I definitely won’t be posting as often but when I do I’d like to think that they are more high-quality and are more worth your time (also, thank you for sticking around throughout this hiatus – unlike One Direction, I really am coming back).
I also haven’t really been reading your posts, obviously, so if you’ve written something in the past seven months that you thought was fantastic (I mean, I’m sure everything was) feel free to toot your own horn and leave it linked down below so I can get caught up with you.
So I think that that’s about it from me. I have so many notifications since I’ve been gone and it’s hard for me to efficiently go through them, so if you’re a new follower who I haven’t followed back or otherwise interacted with, please, please comment so that I can check out your blog!

Follow me…

On Insta (I like to think I’m artsy)
Twitter (Let’s be real – I’m the worst at using this one)
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Bloglovin’ (Still don’t know how this one works)

What’s Next?
Follow my blog to be notified when I post again (which will be sooner than March!) My upcoming posts will be…
1) All my thoughts on Hamilton ever
2) Cursed Child review/discussion
3) Spoiler Ranting Part 2

Happy reading! 🙂


4 thoughts on “things

  1. YOU’RE BACK! and you like Hamilton! My life is complete! I think that after September I may join you in the whatever, and whenever club of posting. I wish you the best of luck.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, I’m glad to see that you’re still blogging! 🙂 And YES, HAMILTON. I could talk for forever about it in this comment but I’ll try to save some of that for my next post. I’m hoping that with the whatever whenever posting I’ll have more fun and my posts will be subsequently more fun to read. Thank you for your support 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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