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**Note from future (well, current, but future to the youngin’ who wrote this) Audrey – Match Made in Mondays is no longer active! It was fun while it lasted but I ran out of ideas that I felt good about and don’t want to be putting out content just for the sake of it. If you read this and feel inspired, feel free to check out all the old posts, or make your own new response based on an old topic. Thanks! **

Hey guys! This is where you can come to find the weekly themes for each Match Made in Mondays post. If you didn’t know, MMiM is a weekly book meme that I created. Basically, each week there will be a topics where you fill in the blanks (or capital lettered words) of a pairing that you think would make a perfect match, and then explain why these things would be so perfect. You can see some examples of themes below in the “Upcoming Themes” list.

If you’re interested in participating and would like to learn more, you can check out my full blog post explaining the meme here. If you’ll already planning on participating, feel free to use the banner above in your posts or create your own! You can also link back to this post so that others can learn how to participate it and make it easier for me to read, like, and comment on your responses!


January 4 – THIS BOOK’S PREMISE + a do over (What book had a fantastic premise that wasn’t executed well?)
January 11 – THIS CHARACTER’S LIFE + me (What character’s life is so #goals that you’d love to take their spot?)


September 28 – THESE CHARACTERS from THIS BOOK + THIS WORLD from a different book (Remember Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana? If you could make a crossover special between two books, what characters and world would you mix?)
October 5 – THIS ACTOR + a role playing THIS CHARACTER in a movie adaptation of a book (Dream casting! What actor perfectly fits a character’s personality and looks?)
October 12 – Me + an advanced reader’s copy of THIS BOOK (What book do you absolutely need in your life, to the point where you and this book is your new OTP?)
October 19 – THIS AUTHOR + THIS AUTHOR co-writing a book together (What two authors do you want to put their talents together to create an amazing book?)
October 26 – THIS CHARACTER from THIS BOOK + THIS CHARACTER from a DIFFERENT BOOK shipped (Despite potentially being from completely different worlds, what two characters do you just know are destined to be together?
November 2 – THIS BOOK/SERIES + one more book (What book/series are you dying to have more of, to the point of you wanting an entire book added on to the end?)
November 9 – THIS BOOK/SERIES + THIS SONG/ALBUM (What song do you swear is literally one of your favorite books in musical form?)
November 16 – THIS VILLAIN FROM ONE BOOK + THIS VILLAIN FROM A DIFFERENT BOOK in a fight (What’s the ultimate face-off that you’d love to see happen? How would it go down? Who would win?)
November 23 – THIS CHARACTER’S POV + THIS BOOK/SERIES (What book or series would you love to read again from a different character’s point of view?)
November 30 – THIS BOOK + A NEW TITLE (What book do you think could use a better/funnier title? What would you call it?)
December 7 – THIS BOOK/SERIES + NEW COVERS (What fantastic book or series is in desperate need of a cover that matches the beauty inside?)
December 14 – THIS BOOK/SERIES + A MOVIE ADAPTATION/TV SERIES (What book is in need of a movie or TV show adaptation? Assuming that these adaptations are well done, of course!)
December 21 – Me taking the spot of THIS CHARACTER + THIS SCENE/MOMENT OF A BOOK (Remember when you were staring at the pages of your book screaming, Don’t do that you idiot!? If you could take the place of a character in a certain scene of a book, who would you pick and what would you do different? How would it affect the rest of the book?)
December 28 – New year, new me! THIS CHARACTER + a better personality (What character had a personality that made you cringe and wish that they were different? What character was it, and how would you change them?)

If you have any topics that you would like to see be done as a Match Made in Mondays post, feel free to leave them below.
As always, thanks for reading! 🙂


32 thoughts on “Match Made in Mondays Topics

  1. I love this idea, it’s so great!
    I know that with school and all posting for me is getting a bit difficult but this would be a really cool thing to do! But you seem to be managing pretty well. (Tell me your ways… :P) So definitely keep up the fantastical work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I usually try to get as many posts written over the weekend as I can, and then usually I’m just staying up slightly later than I should be every night trying to get them ready for the next day. Your blog looks fantastic though, keep it up! If anything I should be taking tips from you 🙂


  2. Hi, Audrey! Thanks so much for the shoutout on your last MMIM post! I laughed hard reading and I would have told you that on a comment on that post, but the commentary section is gone :((
    I’m so glad that you like my responses to your meme! And today you can see another (late) one:
    If you still need help with gif / image inserting, I can send you a tutorial e-mail with how I do mine (I hate this new posting layout that WordPress created, ugh)
    Thanks for everything and we are the faces of the Mondays! LMAO

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, Audrey! I hope you are fine and just busy with real life 🙂 I’d like to suggest a topic for next Monday, as you don’t have one and I will run out of late topics in three weeks, haha! (I decided to do the coolest ones that came before I start participating on the meme <3)
    What do you think of A villain from this book tormenting a good guy/girl from other book? Like, if you could re-pair up a villain with someone else to torment through the story, who would you choose?
    Hope you like it and I miss you 😦


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