Match Made in Mondays: Premise Do-Overs

match mondays

Happy Monday! It’s taken me so long to write this post that it might actually be Tuesday where you are, but hopefully you’re having a good day no matter what day that actually is.
If you’re not already aware, Match Made in Mondays is book meme that I created here where we make pairings and incoherent ramblings. You can read all about it here, but it’ll make more sense later.
Today’s topic is…

THIS BOOK’S premise + a do-over = A Match Made in Mondays

Unfortunately, we’ve all encountered books that seemed like they had so much potential but unfortunately disappointed us. Today’s pairing is to give that premise a second chance at having a great book written about it.
I have two answers (because I’m so rebellious that I’m breaking my own rules, clearly).
The first one is my most recent read, Made You UpIf you read my review, you know that I wasn’t completely disappointed by this book, but it’s nothing like what I expected it to be and I’d really like to read a book that was written like I thought it would be. Does that make any sense at all? Of course, whenever I thought that a book was going to have a brilliant plot and it didn’t, I always think, “Well, why don’t you just write a book with that brilliant plot?” Unfortunately, Made You Up kind of had that brilliant plot, so any similar book that was published exactly like I wanted it to be would likely just seem like a knock off of Made You Up, you know?
And my second answer…
Harry Potter. 
Woah, slow down everybody. Drop your pitchforks.
It’s not that I’m dissatisfied with Harry Potter and think that it shouldn’t exist (if that’s what you thought I was saying, than you definitely haven’t been here for very long). What I’m saying is, I wish I could read more stories about magical boarding schools and really enjoy them without automatically comparing them to Harry Potter. I just want to love more magic school stories.
I guess the ultimate solution would just be for J.K. Rowling to write more Harry Potter books.

i love magic

That was this week’s Match Made in Mondays post! Sorry it was so short, but hopefully you enjoyed it! Be sure to let me know what books you think deserve do-overs, and link me to any fun posts you made today so that I can check them out.
Thanks for reading! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Match Made in Mondays: Premise Do-Overs

  1. I love this post! My do-over would be Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld. I really enjoyed it, but it wasn’t what I thought it would be. There would be some tweaks (tweeks? How is that word spelled?), and I would DEFINITELY increase the supernatural aspect.


  2. I totally get what you mean about Made you Up. When I read The Girl with All the Gifts, I was just expecting something else entirely, and although what I got was good, it wasn’t anything like what I wanted. I’d like to read a book like what I was expecting it to be!


  3. I always enjoy your MMIM posts, haha! ❤ I'm still late with mine, but they are there! Do you want me to share the links here??


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