Match Made in Mondays: New Year, New Slightly Less Annoying Characters

match mondays

Hello and happy Monday! I’m trying to get this post up – along with a review – before we potentially lose power and WiFi connection because of the snow storms we’re having. It’s pretty crazy, but kind of exciting. At least if the power goes out I’ll have an even better excuse to stay inside and just read all day.
If you’re not aware what Match Made in Mondays is, it’s a weekly book meme that I created here on Forwards and Bookwords. Each week you fill in an equation to create the perfect match. It’ll make more sense as we go on, but you can read all of the rules, learn more about participating, and future topics here.
The new year is quickly approaching (which is absolutely insane) and it seems that on January 1 you can’t casually peruse Twitter without seeing floods of tweets about “A New Year, A New Me” with weight loss plans and habit breaking, which is fantastic. It’s always great to try and become healthier and better versions of ourselves. Still, it was only fitting that this New Years’ cliche would inspire this week’s topic:

New Year, New Me: THIS CHARACTER + a better personality = A Match Made in Mondays

Like last week, it’s hard to think of just one example for this pairing. There are so many books that could’ve been great, had they not been ruined by annoying characters. Keep in mind while I help some characters with what should be their New Years’ resolution this year that these are just my opinions. Different personalities clash with different people and totally work with others. I personally didn’t like the way these people acted, but I don’t hate you if they’re your favorite character.
End disclaimer.

Wolf from the Lunar ChroniclesEven if you’ve just accidentally glanced at my blog before, you know that I love the Lunar Chronicles. Wolf’s personality wasn’t bad enough to take away from my overall enjoyment of the series, but he did frustrate me at times. He seemed so determined to be angry all the time. In Scarlet, he’s her only source for information about where her grandmother – her only real family left – could possibly be, and yet he feels like he has the right to be all annoyed and mysterious. Knock it off, bud.

Bella from TwilightEveryone saw this one coming. Look, I found the Twilight books really entertaining, but you can’t make an argument that Bella was a good character. She was weak, and when her boyfriend of, what, a few months? left her, she collapsed to the ground in the middle of the woods and remained in a state of complete nothingness for three months or so. The guy just ditched you! You could be spending that time egging his house or something (not that I encourage this behavior, but it would’ve been a lot more interesting). I feel like Bella wasn’t fit to be a protagonist. She didn’t really want to do anything extraordinary, she just wanted a boyfriend. I mean, to each their own, but if Bella suddenly had a kick-butt mentality like Alice, I would love the books 100% more.

Snape from Harry Potter: *spoiler-y warning for Deathly Hallows* Look, I know that Snape came back and had some wonderfully redeeming qualities, which made everyone want to love him. Honestly, I kind of do love him, but I also hate him. Sure, you’ve got a long history with Harry’s parents, and having Harry suddenly be one of your students has to be pretty painful to say the least. You can argue that Snape did a lot to protect Harry during his time at Hogwarts, which he did. But he could’ve done a lot more. If he cared so much about Harry, why couldn’t he have just acted like it? Instead, he made Harry feel like he was going to be murdered by his teacher during his first year at school and put Harry in many more dangerous situations due to his investigations of Snape’s antics. Harry literally had no one. No family, and no older role models besides Dumbledore who – let’s be real – was a little too mysterious for comfort at sometimes. Why couldn’t Snape have been that role model that Harry needed? Why couldn’t Snape have befriended Harry and united Slytherin and Gryffindor once and for all?
I mean, Harry Potter is a pretty perfect series, and everything in the earlier books happens for a reason. If Snape was all of a sudden a cuddly little guy with clean hair and a friendly smile the series would be completely changed. Still, it’s very aggravating to go back and read those first books and know that every mean thing Snape does is just going to make the last book even more heartbreaking. Sometimes, he just needed to take his own advice.

control your emotions

So what do you think of my match-ups? Do you agree that some of these characters need personality adjustments, or are there other characters out there that you think are in even more need? Be sure to leave all of your thoughts in the comments; I love discussing with you!
I hope you’re having a good start to your week, and that you stay safe if it’s as stormy where you are as it is here!
Thanks for reading! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Match Made in Mondays: New Year, New Slightly Less Annoying Characters

  1. Totally agree with what you are saying about snape. I think JK didn’t really plan Snape to be good when writing the first book (just assuming) so just went with a truly evil character. He could have not been as horrific to Harry, but I think he didn’t actually like Harry but he was protecting him for Lily? Anyway, I nominated you for the spirit animal blog awards, check it out on my blog 🙂


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