Match Made in Mondays #12: Book to Movie/Television Adaptations!

match mondaysOops, I did it again. (And by “it” I mean slacking on the blogging lately, not making an out-dated song reference.)
There comes a point in everyone’s life when you have to decide between failing Algebra 2 and blogging. Unfortunately, Algebra 2 won out this time (although I’m still not doing too well in that class).
But I’m back! And though I plan to stay back for the rest of the December, that’s what I said last time this happened… but isn’t me not posting consistently my “consistent blogging schedule”? No?
Today is once again the twelfth week because while I thought the two eights but no ten would balance each other out, I later discovered that there is no four. I’m so well put together.
If you don’t know what Match Made in Mondays is, it’s basically the book-related version of real life match-making created by me (because fourteen year olds know all about love, obviously). It’ll make more sense as we go, but you can read more about it here if you want.
Today’s topic  is:


I have a very love-hate relationship with TV and movie adaptations for many different reasons (find out why in this week’s Thursday Thoughts… like, for realsies), so I’m kind of reluctant to suggest any book series for a new adaptation, even if I could guarantee that it would be fantastic. For once, I’m not picking the Lunar Chronicles.
Since I’m kind of lazy, if I was ordering a book to movie adaptation (I’m doing movie because I’ve never actually invested myself in watching a TV series adaptation) I think it would be best to do a fun series (you bet I’ll be doing a series so that I can get an entire franchise out of this) that has an exciting plot but not too much of a complicated narrative that would be lost when you can’t have someone’s inner thoughts running throughout the entire movie.
Exciting plot that will send teenage girls flocking to the box offices? Inner narrative thought stream that’s kind of completely irrelevant?
The Selection series by Kiera Cass!
Let’s be real, this series is basically The Bachelor set two hundred years in the future. Who doesn’t love The Bachelor? Who wouldn’t want The Bachelor in futuristic movie form? Sounds like a win-win to me.
Thinking even deeper than that, The Selection books are kind of like Twilight in the way that they are incredibly easy to get sucked into a read. I could definitely see people going to the movies and getting more interested in the book and spark a whole new group of readers, which would fantastic.

Be sure to let me know in the comments if you think that The Selection books would make good movies. A little birdie told me that they might be making their way onto the big screen pretty soon, so my fingers are crossed! What books do you think would make good movies?
After today, there’s only one more Monday until Christmas! I hope that you have a safe and happy week.
Thanks for reading! 🙂



11 thoughts on “Match Made in Mondays #12: Book to Movie/Television Adaptations!

  1. I have a total block with book adaptations, as I highly think that Hollywood lately doesn’t give a shit about casting and characterization of the actors involved on the movie. I’m afraid I wouldn’t watch a movie / tv series based on The Selection, but it’s nothing personal. I just haven’t been watching book to movie/tv stuff for a while now, haha! But I agree with your point, they totally should do it, I also see a new generation of readers rising thanks to that 😀
    And my always late themed MMIM is already on too! ❤

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    • There are certain book adaptations that I’m refusing to watch as well because of similar reasons! For The Selection, however, I’m hoping that they couldn’t do much harm. It’s such a fun and simple storyline, so that even if they really messed it up it would still hopefully be entertaining 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ooh, I agree with you! They can’t mess up the storyline, it would be very nice in a movie or tv show 😀 but I won’t put my hand on the fire for anyone in Hollywood and I refuse soundly to watch it if the casting is a joke, haha! I’m a bore sometimes lol

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  2. I actually get pretty much always excited when a book to movie adaptation comes out! It’s my favourite thing ever to follow updates and watch trailers. Although I do sometimes worry about how it will be portrayed.


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