Match Made in Mondays #12: New Book Covers for Books in Need

match mondays

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Audrey, you’re going to go on a four day hiatus, and when you come back all you’re going to do is say hi at us?
Nope, actually. I’m going to be opening my post like I normally do: with bad puns!
Get it? Hiatus? Hi at us? No?
So, I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. Life got crazy and I got lazy (but my rhyming is still on point, apparently). Posting should go back to normal from now on.
Welcome to the twelve Match Made in Mondays post! Remember how last week I wasn’t completely confidant that it was the eleventh post? Well, is was, but in kind of a complicated way. As in, there were two posts labeled as #8 and no post as the tenth.
Yes, I have been taking math classes for nine years. What’s your point?
So, if you’re not sure what Match Made in Mondays is yet, it’s basically a weekly meme that I made up that you can read all about here. I know, my summaries of these are getting lazier and lazier, but just trust me – it’ll make sense as we go on.
Without further ado, today’s topic is:


As this is Match Made in Mondays, there is one glaringly obvious fact: today is Monday. Considering how lazy I am on normal days, you have no idea how I feel on Mondays. For that reason, I’m going with the most obvious series I could possibly think of: The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.

vampire academy.jpg

I know that my prompt was something like “What series needs new covers to match the beauty inside?” and I didn’t particularly like these books, but I still think they deserve better covers. They weren’t really my cup of tea but I know a lot of people love them and a lot more people would love them if they weren’t scared away by the dramatic glances and comfort-defying neck angles.
And yes, I’m aware that these books did get a slight cover change, but those are even worse in my opinion.
vampire academy new covers

Re-Enactment of Someone Seeing These Cover Changess for the First Time
(I mean, probably) 

Innocent Book Peruser: (seeing covers from a distance) Wow, what nice shades of colors those books are! But are they all the same book with alternate titles? What is that symbol? VA? AV? Diamond with legs?

Innocent Book Peruser: (slowly approaching the covers) There sure is an awful lot of text on those covers. Oh, well. You can’t judge a book by its cover. I’ll go check them out closer!

Innocent Book Peruser: (holding one of the books) My, my. I do like this shade of blue… what’s it… Oh my! What is this dramatic face hidden under the pretty shade of blue and the weird symbols? What’s wrong with her neck? Oh my goodness. I think I’ll just buy three more copies of Harry Potter. Harry Potter doesn’t make me fear for my neck angles.

End Re-Enactment.

I don’t know what to suggest for new cover designs. I guess I’m so used to these horrible ones, unfortunately, that I can’t imagine them looking any differently. But seriously, anything would be better than what they currently are.
Don’t believe me?

vampire acodemy

I mean, if a giant blue fish looks better than your book covers, you’ve got a problem. Just sayin’.

The end! Fun fact: I made that edit and then I had to completely remake it because I said “ACODamy” instead of “ACODemy”. I can’t spell or count or even.
Like I said, I’m back now and I’ll be posting on my usual schedule. It’s gonna be a good time, I have big things planned.
Let me know what you think of my new cover for the first book of this ugly-covered series and what books you think need a new cover. Also, tell me how your December is going, because December is my favorite month and I hope it’s treating you well.
Thanks for reading! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Match Made in Mondays #12: New Book Covers for Books in Need

  1. Always brilliant, Audrey! You didn’t loose your touch, haha! ❤ I don't like this series or the covers for both editions, so your fish ia way more real to me, lol! And my MMIM is also up ❤ My December is going well, hope yours is also good!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha, I loved this! You know, Christine @ PolandBananasBOOKS actually made a video about all the books she thinks should get new covers, and Vamp Academy was in there too. 🙂 You should def go check it out, she’s very funny.

    Liked by 1 person

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