What’s Up Wednesdays: 12/2/15

what's up wednesdays

Hello and welcome to the very first “What’s Up Wednesday”! Some people said that they liked the name “Woot Woot Wednesdays” and I did too, but it just didn’t look as good on the fancy little banner as this name. We’ll see, maybe me changing the name of what this is called every time will be part of the weekly tradition.
Basically, What’s Up Wednesdays will focus on book news from that week and what I think about it. Honestly, I’m not the best at keeping up with book news, so this stuff will mostly be me just sharing what I found out while stalking my favorite authors’ Twitters. Sound fun?
Let’s get started!

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer: Cover Reveal! 

If you didn’t already know, Stars Above is a “Lunar Chronicles Collection” of eight short stories and an epilogue to Winter that comes out on February 2 (one day after my birthday, might I add, and certainly what I’ll be spending any money I get on). I have a very love-hate relationship with short story collections – more on that later, quite possibly in a Thursday Thoughts… ahem – but this is an exception because it’s the Lunar Chronicles! I mean, one of the short stories is following thirteen year old Captain Thorne. Adorbs. Also, that epilogue, like all epilogues, is quite likely to break my heart, and I’m so ready.
I’ll stop babbling. Here’s the cover!

stars above

I like it! I mean, it matches the rest of the books in the series, and doesn’t include a staring and mildly terrifying girl in a too-big purple dress…
I  guess I pictured the cover including more stars? I don’t know, you’d just think that with the title there would be more stars. Or a silhouette of the moon, or something.
Still, I like it, and I’m super excited to get my hands on a copy! (Although I promise I won’t include a countdown to its release date in every post like I did with Winter).

The Crown by Kiera Cass: Synopsis Released! 

Now, I don’t know if this was actually released very recently, but it was news to me when I found out!
Though it’s an unpopular opinion, I love this series and I’m incredibly excited to see how the series wraps up! I’ve been waiting for the synopsis ever since the cover was dropped (see aforementioned “staring and mildly terrifying girl in a too-big purple dress”). Here it is, taken from Goodreads:

(Warning: Though not too spoiler-y, I wouldn’t recommend reading this book if you’re not yet caught up on the series.)

Kiera Cass’s bestselling Selection series has enchanted readers from the very first page. Now the end of the journey is here, in a wonderfully romantic series finale that will sweep you off your feet.

Twenty years have passed since the events of The One, and America and Maxon’s daughter is the first princess to hold a Selection of her own. Princess Eadlyn didn’t think she would find a real partner among the Selection’s thirty-five suitors, let alone true love. But sometimes the heart has a way of surprising you…and now Eadlyn must make a choice that feels more difficult—and more important—than she ever expected.

The Selection series has sold more than 3 million copies and captured the hearts of fans around the world. This swoonworthy final installment is the happily ever after they’ve all been waiting for.

I mean, it doesn’t really tell us much, does it? Have you ever noticed that in the first books of series the synopses are all like:

Billy Bob Joe was just an average boy. That is, until he was riding the school bus one day and realized that he was very special, indeed.

He wasn’t riding the school bus. He was the school bus.

Billy Bob Joe was sure that he would be alone for the rest of his life. After all, who would ever want to be friends with a bus? But then Billy Bob Joe meets Buster. Buster knows that he and Billy Bob Joe the Bus will be lifetime friends. After all, Buster without Bus would just be ter.

This was not an average friendship, however. Billy Bob Joe and Buster are best friends and superheroes, determined to save the world by enforcing the idea of adding seat belts to school buses and help children all over the world. But when an angry school board opposes the idea, will Billy Bob Joe and Buster fail on their mission? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

And then the sequels are just like:

Billy Bob Joe is still a bus. Buster is his friend.

And, you know, seat belts. And stuff.

Let’s be real, you know you’re going to buy this book no matter what. You’ve got to know what haPPENS TO THE CHILDREN.


I mean, you have no way of knowing what it’s going to be about, but trust us. IT’S GOING TO BE EXCITING.

Just me?
Either way, I’m really excited about this ugly-covered book. So excited, in fact, that I made a predictions post about what will happen which you can read here. Gotta get that promo 😉

John Green: New Book Being Released March 2016?! 

Sorry. That was mean, wasn’t it? A girl can dream.

Featured Release: Instructions for the End of the World by Jamie Kain


My current read, Instructions for the End of the World, is being released next week. I’ll have a review up before the release date (December 8, 2015), but so far it’s pretty enjoyable.
Also, can we appreciate the cover? I love the rips of paper and the overall design. Publishers: take notes. If you want to put real people on covers, this is how you do it.
Check this week’s feature out!
Goodreads          Pre-Order

So that was my first What’s Up Wednesday post! Let me know any and all of your thoughts in the comments, and if there was any big book news that I missed out on.
I hope you had a fantastic Wednesday, and thanks for reading! 🙂



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