Match Made in Mondays #11: New Harry Potter titles!

match mondays

Hi and welcome to what I’m 90% sure is the 11 Match Made in Mondays post! Normally I would just click the link button on the menu and then “link to previous posts” and check what the last number was, but with the new update that isn’t an option anymore and I’m pretty thrown off. Also, I’m too lazy to dig through my old posts and find what number we left off on.
However, if you want to dig through my old posts, you might notice that my blog has a new theme! I can’t decide if I like it. Oh well. I don’t know remember what my last theme was so there’s no going back. 
If you don’t know what Match Made in Mondays is, it’s a weekly meme that I host here on Forwards and Bookwords. Each week I throw out a topic and people can fill in their own responses. It makes more sense when you actually read a post, or read this. If you’re interested in participating, I’d love to read your posts! One regular participant who has wonderful content in general is Annelise over at The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange, so be sure to check out her blog!
Today’s topic is…

THIS BOOK + A NEW TITLE = A Match Made in Mondays

This was kind of a weird topic because personally I have never looked at a book and thought, Man, this book would be so much better if it had a different title. I mean, except for the Vampire Academy series. Between the uncomfortable covers and incredibly dramatic covers, I would like to just avoid reading those in public period.
However, since I’ve come to accept that the Vampire Academy books are beyond help, I decided to pick the Harry Potter books.
What? Audrey picking the Harry Potter books for a Match Made in Mondays? That’s so shocking and original!
What? Audrey sarcastically making a self-deprecating joke about how she always uses the same books in these things? That’s so shocking and original!
Anyway, can we clap for me because I’m overachieving by doing an entire series instead of just one book instead of underachieving for once. *enthusiastic pat on the back*
Don’t get me wrong, I love the Harry Potter book titles – I love everything about those books. However, now that the books and the movies are over, it’s about time that the Harry Potter fandom got a little more excitement… like completely new covers! Ones that fit the story even more than the original ones.

WARNING: Mild Harry Potter spoilers. But like, you’ve probably already seen this stuff on Tumblr. Also, why haven’t you read Harry Potter yet? You silly goose.

  1. Harry Potter and the Introduction of the Vague Bearded Professor
  2. Harry Potter and the Possessed Soulmate
  3. Harry Potter and the Book Without Voldemort That Mainly Serves to Provide Backstory and Make You More Attached To Characters That Will More Than Likely End Up Dead
  4. Harry Potter and the Time That He Was Mysteriously Entered Into a Competition Which Shouldn’t Be Possible and Was Allowed To Participate Even Though It Seemed Really Sketchy That He Was Picked For This Competition Like Was It Not Blatantly Obvious That Something Horrible Was Going to Happen
  5. Harry Potter and the I Told You That Those Characters Would More Than Likely End Up Dead
  6. Harry Potter and the “Hi I’m Harry Potter and I was nominated by Dumbledore for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.” *jumps into Pensieve*
  7. Harry Potter. Literally just Harry Potter because everyone else dies.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! I definitely think this is my favorite Match Made in Mondays post so far. There were going to be fun gifs sprinkled throughout but I don’t know how to add gifs in the updated format… can you? I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t. Michael Scott gifs speak when words can’t, you know?
Let me know what you think of my new Harry Potter titles. Next time Scholastic comes out with fancy new versions, these titles will be on the spine, instead of a castle, amirite? Also let me know what books you think need new titles and what those titles should be!
Thanks for reading! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Match Made in Mondays #11: New Harry Potter titles!

  1. Yay, the weid comment problem is gone! I liked your new layout, it’s cute and cozy ❤ And I laughed my ass off reading this, thank you! (sorry, I already said this on the other comment, oops!)

    AND THANKS AGAIN! I am sooooooo happy that you like my responses! ❤ I love to play along with you, Audrey!

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