Assigned Reading & Flopping (Random Sundays #5)

random sundays

Hello and happy Sunday! Can you believe that we’re nearing the last month of 2015? I can clearly remember kindergarten me coming back from winter break and laughing with my classmates at my teacher who kept accidentally writing that it was 2006 instead of 2007. That was almost nine years ago. What is life?
Spoiler alert for my November Wrap-Up of All the Things: I’m kind of failing on the whole “November TBR” thing. Winter took me so long to read because I was trying to savor it and I hardly had any time to read until Thanksgiving break, and it put me in a major OMG-The-Lunar-Chronicles-are-over slump. All I’ve read since then is a fluffy contemporary and a middle grade (review for that coming later today) and I’m kind of worried that I’ll never be able to read another fantasy again.
However, I have started to read To Kill a Mockingbird for my English class as assigned reading, so at least I’m guaranteed to finish one book that isn’t super easy before I die.
Contrary to my classmates, I’m actually really excited to read TKM. I can only hope that we won’t analyze the life out of it, but we’ll see. For some kids in my class, analysis seems to be the least of their worries…

Things Audrey Eavesdrops on During School, Episode 2: To Kill a MockingOverheard

Boy #1: (flipping to the back of TKM) This is over three hundred pages! That’s, like, twice as long as any book I’ve ever read.

Boy #2: Are you serious? The book I’m reading right now is almost 500 pages.

Boy #1: What are you reading? The Bible?!

and scene. 

I believe in you Boy #1. You can read this book. And then read the Harry Potter series, because I am a strong believer in the fact that the longest book everyone has read should be a minimum of 870 pages, meaning that everyone has read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

And on to part two of this random post…
(I know, is it really random if I plan out parts? But I wanted to include this because otherwise I would say it in my “future plans” section of tomorrow’s wrap-up, and that’s already going to be super long because I’ve got big things planned, people. Big things.)
I would like to talk about how I’ve been flopping lately. And by flopping, I’m not talking about my accidental leg flop while swimming two days ago (but fun fact: if you try and horizontally touch your toes while jumping into a swimming pool, you will not look like an graceful, aquatic ballerina. You will do the equivalent of a belly flop with your legs, and you’ll probably cry a little).
As you may or may not know – depending on whether or not you read my last Random Sunday post  – I recently reached 400 followers. And I know that I’m inclined to say this, but I really, really mean it when I say that you guys are the best… and I’m not. So many of my followers are amazing and they like and leave meaningful comments on pretty much all of my posts, and I feel horrible because I feel like I don’t do that back enough.
When I come on WordPress, I usually make a blog post, reply to comments, and then leave. I’m too busy worrying about when I’m going to do my homework and read that I don’t really spend much time actually interacting with people on their blogs, which is horrible, because during the summer, when I felt like I had unlimited time, I would do that all of the time. Sometimes someone will comment on one of my posts and I’ll be like, “Holy cow! When was the last time I read one of their posts?” And then I’ll go and stalk their blog and like and comment and stuff because their blog is fantastic! But I don’t want to give the impression that the only time I’m going to be commenting on someone’s stuff is when they comment on mine.
I don’t know if I’m making any sense, but basically I’m going to start being less horrible of a follower.
On a less deep note, I really do have a lot of things planned for this blog in the future that I’m actually going to follow through on (unlike the things I said I was adding last months) and I think it’s going to be oodles of fun.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Assigned Reading & Flopping (Random Sundays #5)

  1. I have yet to read TKM but will most likely assigned or not. You are an amazing blogger! This makes me realize that I don’t really go on my followers blogs at all unless I follow them as well. I have around 110 followers and I’m overwhelmed. I can’t imagine having 400 or more followers reading my content 🙂


  2. I hope you enjoy TKM, doll! I read it at free will some years ago and it was amazing!
    As for your classmates, I overheard a very similar conversation in my own class some months ago. Nothing wrong? Everything wrong, as I’m a pratically graduated journalist and I heard it at my class in college, coming from journalists mouths. The world is so doomed, haha!
    I hope you aren’t injured from your pool epic fail and don’t feel too bad 🙂 I have days of the week were I’m most able to read and comment on people’s blogs, if they are your friends, they will understand that you are with a tidy schedule for life ❤ I, at least, do!


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