Review #30 & Discussion: Winter by Marissa Meyer

a forwardsandbookwords review

winter-finalLast night at approximately 11:30 I finished the last book in one of my favorite series of all time. I will now attempt to coherently review it.
This review isn’t going to be much like any of my other books because this is a pretty new release and it’s the last book in a series. The last thing I want to do is spoil anyone on this fantastic series, so instead I’ll be briefly answering some questions that you might have going into this book before getting into a spoiler-y discussion. Let’s do this thing.

I’ve read the first (book/two books/three books) in the series. Is it worth it to continue on?
Most definitely. Each book brings something completely new to the table, so I think it’s worth continuing on to see if a the next book offers something new that you’ll enjoy more than your past experiences.
(OMG, I feel so awkward I’m literally fake interviewing myself)

Is this your favorite book in the series?
It’s definitely in my top four! 😉
Jokes aside, this book is tied with Cress as my favorite in the series. It’s fantastic, and the 800+ pages literally fly by.

Does the series have a satisfying conclusion? 
No one wants to go into a series if they know that the ending is going to be horrible, and everyone has a different idea of what “horrible” is. However, as somehow who has been reading and judging books for her entire life, I can say that I considered this book to have a very satisfying conclusion. I wasn’t disappointed.

Who dies? 
Why would you ask this? You’re crazy. Read the book.

Goodreads rating? 
Five out of five stars, dude. Are you surprised?

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The rest of this post is bound to be filled with spoilers that anyone who hasn’t read Winter will not want to be exposed to. Even if you think that you’ll never want to read this series, you never know. Please, please leave if you haven’t read these books. You’ll thank me later.


I don’t really know how to start discussing this book. In an attempt to be organized, I decided to break it up into categories and then let my brain explode, instead of just letting my brain explosion run free. Let’s begin.

Things that Made Me Love this Book More Than Pizza:
1. The bits of narrative when we were following Winter around. She was crazy, and being inside her mind was beautiful.
2. Iko. You can’t try and pretend that Iko is one of the best characters ever created. I also loved the fact that she became such a butt-kicker in this book and was willing to sacrifice herself so many times. Also, was I the only one that started to ship her with Kinney? Yes? Hm.
3. The hundreds of times in this book where Marissa Meyer put her characters in perilous situations and then ended the chapter, switching to following a different character in the next. It’s not like that raised my stress levels tenfold, or anything.
4. Thorne’s sass. Yes please.
5. Sneaky fairytale references back to the original fairytale.
7. Cress and Thorne’s ridiculously awkward relationship working out
8. So many quotable moments
9. Having Adri and Pearl be brought into everything and making them feel super awkward. Bummer.
10. Witty dialogue. It never fails.
11. How nicely everything wrapped up.
12. Kai cutting Levana with scissors at their live wedding. What even?
13. The fact that literally none of our main homies died. THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

Predictions That I Nailed (although, admittedly, there aren’t very many of them):
1. Jacin being the huntsmen: Literally nailed it. It’s probably the only thing that I got completely right… the rest of these that I’m going to claim to nail are a little bit of a stretch. Levana sent Jacin to kill Winter once and for all. He claimed to, but helped her escape, just like in the original story.
2. Levana being defeated by her people turning against her: I mean, this one was kind of obviously going to be right. How else would she be dethroned? If you want to be more literal, I guess she was defeated because Cinder shot her, but that couldn’t have happened without everything else.
3. Cinder’s step-father’s invention being used to make everyone equal: Sure, it hadn’t actually happened by the time the book ends, but the plans are there. That should count.

Things I Thought Would Happen But Didn’t:
Note: Not all of these things were on my original predictions list. I developed more theories as I read.
1. Dwarves! I’m honestly kind of shocked (and okay, maybe a teensy bit disappointed) that dwarves or dwarf knock-offs didn’t play a role in this book. It’s based off of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Just me?
2. I really, really thought that someone was going to die. Not that I’m complaining, but I was expected this book to make me sob for weeks, and although I did come pretty close after the deaths of Ryu and Maha, I was waiting for us to lose one of our main eight. Cinder literally got stabbed in the heart and fell four stories into water. Cress had a knife driven into her stomach. Scarlet and Winter got the plague. And no one died. 
3. Brainwashing disguises. Hear me out.
If one of the LSOPs in Scarlet was able to be disguised to look and talk exactly like Scarlet’s grandma, why didn’t people disguising themselves using the Lunar gift play a role ever again? Why didn’t Levana brainwash one of her servants to look like Cinder and say that she had been captured and to give up the rebellion? Why didn’t Cinder disguise the entire crowd of her soldiers to look like Levana’s, so that the people they were fighting against wouldn’t know who to shoot? Hmm?
4 Iko’s personality chip’s destruction. When it was revealed that the blueprints for Cinder’s stepfather’s invention were hidden within Iko, I thought Iko’s entire chip would have to be used and destroyed to get at it. Like, wouldn’t that have been heartbreakingly awesome? If Iko sacrificed the only thing that was truly hers – her personality – to help create this life-changing invention?
I’m not mad that my favorite character wasn’t killed. I’m just saying.

Favorite Moments:
1. When Thorne is literally about to be thrown off of a building against his own will and he’s just standing there, sassing the queen.
2. After Thorne has been thrown off of the building against his own will and is punching and stabbing Cinder while yelling “Sorry!”
3. Kai’s fake proposal to Cinder.
5. Cinder being told that the queen would eat her heart on a plate and Cinder just calmly giving the warning that her heart would probably cause indigestion.
6. Lovestruck Cress shooting off the fingers of her boyfriend and then her boyfriend stabbing her in the stomach hard-core. That was intense.
7. Levana dying. YAS.
8. Cinder attempting to explain everything to Pearl and Adri and them still being completely, horrifically, entertainingly oblivious.
9. Kai slamming his broken portscreen on the table to make it function again and then telling Konn Torin, “You’d be surprised how often that works.” I LAUGHED OUT LOUD IN THE MIDDLE OF ENGLISH CLASS. (This is a reference to the first book when Cinder said that exact same thing to explain to Kai why she was slamming his valuable android on the table)
11. Pages 1 through 823.

Random Side Thoughts:
1. Maybe I completely misunderstood the situation and I’m completely wrong on this (especially since I couldn’t find the quotes again to back up my logic), but didn’t the narrative basically say that Winter decided not to use her glamour as soon as she could control it, but then Winter said that she used to use it until her big mistake? I was waiting for it to be revealed that Winter was lying about that situation and there was some other thing wrong with her, but nope.
2. What the heck did everyone on Earth think was going on during this time? Literally all of their leaders were on a different planet and I can’t imagine that they were getting much news. I can’t imagine the hours long specials on the events of the moon visit.
3. Was anyone else surprised by how thin this book is? I can understand why they did it, but I kind of wish that I was able to hold the gigantic book in my hands and have it obvious how huge it is when displaying it on my shelf, you know?
4. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with Jacin now…. On one hand, he’s so sweet and kind to Winter, especially in that last scene. On the other, he didn’t rescue Cress during all of those years when he could’ve, and he gave up some pretty valuable information in order to save his own neck. Also, HE KILLED RYU. I thought he was going to be hugging Winter and then stab himself in the arm behind his back, or something like that. I mean, maybe that would’ve been more obvious to Levana if he had a giant scar on his arm, but was killing Ryu really necessary? Really?
5. During the coronation I believe, Kai mentions that seeing the scar from his wedding-scissors-stabbing incident on Levana’s arm helped raise his confidence. Why wouldn’t Levana have glamoured over that skin imperfection? You would think that she would avoid showing it off, especially since she didn’t want to show any signs of weakness.
6. Movie adaptations, please and thank you.

I don’t even know if I can call this a review, but there it is! Share any and all of your thoughts in the comments because I need to discuss all of my feels. Also, on a scale from Cinder to getting a new foot to Iko getting her own wardrobe, how excited are you for the short story collection, Stars Above?
And you thought I didn’t have any more Lunar Chronicles books to count down to in every post… ha!
Thanks for reading! 🙂



18 thoughts on “Review #30 & Discussion: Winter by Marissa Meyer

  1. I read the book and it was sort of oh that was kind of funny to reading your review and laughing out loud as the hilarity dawned on me what was wrong with me when I read the book!

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  2. I can’t read all of your review because of spoilers, but I’m glad the ending was satisfying! I can’t wait to read Winter this.. winter. I’m waiting for Christmas and I just want it so badly!


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