Match Made in Mondays #9: A Whole New POV

match mondays

Happy Monday! I can say that with sincerity today, because for me this Monday is actually Last Day of School Before Thanksgiving Break Eve. But it’s easier to just say Monday, isn’t it? Sorry.
If you don’t know what Match Made in Mondays is then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST NINE WEEKS OH MY GOODNESS. I’m just kidding. Kind of.
Basically, Match Made in Mondays is a book meme I created here on my blog. Each week, participants fill in the blanks or capital letters or bolded letters or whatever (I’m incredibly unpredictable) to create what they think would be a perfect match. I’m horrible at explaining things but I wasn’t always, so you can look at the original post explaining this fun little thing right here.
Let’s get right into it! (She says after rambling for three paragraphs) This week’s topic is:


What I meant by this topic is basically retelling a book from one of the side character’s point of view, or from the main character’s first person POV if the original was told in third person, etc. However, if you wanted to go with a side character from one book/series’ POV on a different book or series, that’s perfectly okay. Personally, I’d love to hear Dobby’s view on The Hunger Games.
Like, that’s not my pick for this perfect match, but just imagine that. A blue-haired Dobby interviewing tributes, asking them what kind of socks they were going to be wearing during the competition.
Or – or, Dobby as Haymitch, drinking Butterbeer and sponsoring a tribute but just sending them hundreds of pairs of socks, thinking that that would make them free from the arena.
Sorry… anyway. While I’m not using Dobby and The Hunger Games, I am sticking with the book that Dobby comes from…


There are so many fantastic characters whose perspectives I would love to read from (maybe just because I want to have an excuse to read the Harry Potter stories over and over again). The stories are told in third person, so literally any perspective would be brand new.
The obvious choice would be Harry Potter. I can’t imagine all of the emotions and inner thoughts that would be added to the story if we were actually inside his head the entire time instead of just following him around. But Harry was never actually my favorite character in the series, and I don’t necessarily think that he would offer the most interesting new insight into the stories.
I was also tempted to go with Snape, who was obviously a very mysterious and deep character that I would’ve liked to get to know more about. However, I don’t know if I could last seven books inside the head of someone who is so moody and, for lack of a better term and embracing my hip teenager-ness, salty.
There was a brief time when I considered picking Ms. Norris, Filch’s cat, simply because it would be incredibly unique and she observes so much. However, she doesn’t observe nearly enough to clearly tell the same Harry Potter stories.
So who was a character who I never fully got to understand, that wasn’t too “salty” all the time, and wasn’t a cat?


Heck yes, Dumbledore. As the series goes on, Dumbledore because more and more mysterious and secretive and confusing and wonderfully quotable. Imagine an entire seven book series filled with Dumbledore’s profound quotes?
Dumbledore certainly is involved enough in the series to convey the same story and have everything make sense (with some exceptions, but we’ll avoid spoilers, shall we?). Dumbledore had such a unique past, as well, that I feel could be incorporated nicely into the book narrative and help the reader slowly figure out things maybe a little even before Harry. Plus, just imagine Dumbledore’s inner narrative:

Once again, the Potter boy has asked me a brilliant question that would require a very long answer. Almost longer than my luscious beard.
Instead of answering, I will be cryptic and wait a few books to supply a real answer, smothering his concerns and suspicions with awarded house points.

I hope you liked that post! Be sure to let me know if you made a MMiM post this week or if you agree with my answers. If you didn’t make a post but you’ve suddenly been inspired and have your own pairing, you can leave that in the comments as well! I love chatting with you guys.
Thanks for reading! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Match Made in Mondays #9: A Whole New POV

  1. I loved your choices! And sorry I didn’t post my MMIM last week, but I’m finishing up today’s, it will be up in some minutes!! ❤


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