Match Made in Mondays #8: VILLAINS

match mondays

Hey guys, and happy Monday! Just think – this is the last Monday that isn’t in the same week as Thanksgiving! That’s exciting… I mean, as long as you’re from the US.
If you’re not quite sure what Match Made in Mondays is yet, you can check out this post explaining it. I’m not summarizing it in various ways for the eighth week in a row – sorry.
Today’s topic is:

this villain from this book this villain from another book in a fight = a match made in mondays

Guys, it’s a Monday. I don’t have enough energy to try and be unpredictable. Is anyone surprised that I’m picking two fantastic villains from my two favorite series of all times?
That’s right – Queen Levana vs. Lord Voldemort.
I mean, before we get into their big fight, can we talk about what a cute couple they could be? They’re both completely insane and terrifying, and Levana could glamour ol’ Voldy a nose!
Anyway, I just think it would be so cool to see Levana and Voldemort face off. Do you think that Voldemort’s magic skills would be too quick, and would have Levana defeated before she could even say, “No, I promise Princess Selene is dead”? Or would Levana brainwashing skills be Voldemort’s downfall?
Obviously I haven’t finished Winter yet, so who knows if Levana has some sort of fatal flaw that’s going to be exposed. However, assuming that Harry Potter is out of the picture during this fight, Voldemort doesn’t have anything standing in his way. Will Levana be able to use her mind-control powers to influence spells that she has no idea how to use? Would the fight take place on the moon, or in a de-mirrored Hogwarts?
Of course, the biggest question is: Who would win? If Levana could be control Voldemort’s mind, it’s hard to believe that he would be able to kill her, but Voldemort is also pretty hard to kill due to the whole Horcrux situation, which Levana would obviously know nothing about.
Hey, maybe they’d take my alternative route and just become an adorable couple. What do you think?

Thanks for reading! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Match Made in Mondays #8: VILLAINS

  1. Huh, I think Levanna would try and fail time and time again to kill Voldemort (due to Horcruxes) and he would be unable to kill her (due to mind control) and so he would continually come back to destroy her, and then when he couldn’t do that, to torment her, but-lonely as she is- she would begin to anticipate his visits more and more until it was no longer torture, but welcome, and then maybe Voldemort would realize her feelings and realize there’s no longer a reason to fight.
    And then they’d be a couple.
    Until Voldemort betrayed her in her moment of weakness because he’s evil and it was the plan all along.

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