Top Ten Tuesday: All Things Book to Movie Adaptations

top ten tuesday

Hey guys, and happy book birthday to Winter by Marissa Meyer. I honestly feel very honored that you’re choosing to read this post when you could be reading what is sure to be a fantastic conclusion to The Lunar Chronicles, so thank you. I’ll try not to let you down too much, although we all know how much I flop at these things.
Today’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Book to Movie Adaptations I’m Looking Forward To or Top Ten Book to Movie Adaptations I Still Need to Watch. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered the topic is from perusing through other people’s posts. The hosts’ blog, The Broke and the Bookish, is actually blocked at my school (where I’m writing this). I’m doing my best.
Here we go:

top ten book to movie adaptations i’m looking forward to/still need to watch

1. The first one, I honestly have no explanation for. There’s absolutely no excuse for why I haven’t seen this movie yet and it’s actually so embarrassing that I considered not including it and was going to allow you all to continue believing that I’m not a complete loser. However, we all know I always have a hard time actually meeting the requirement of ten, so I figured I had to suck it up and take all that I could get. Guys… Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Again, I have no idea why, and I could honestly go home and watch it tonight because my next door neighbor (who is one of my best friends and certainly willing to share) owns the movie. I’ve even borrowed it from her before to watch it, but I never get around to it. It’s a problem. I don’t know what to do.

2. The next one is actually equally embarrassing to me, simply because I was so excited for this movie to come out and I was anticipating it so much and then I never bothered to watch it once it finally released: Paper Towns. I actually have plans to watch it this weekend, so if all goes well this won’t be an issue anymore, but we’ll see.

3. Though I didn’t love the book, I’m very surprised at myself that I haven’t watched the movie adaptation of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl yet. I’ve heard really good things the movie and I thought the trailer looked cute so it was definitely one that I wanted to see. My mom’s even seen it already!

4. I’m a pretty big Hunger Games fan, and I even bought a couple of the magazines with special articles about behind-the-scenes movie stuff when they were first coming out, but I haven’t seen Mockingjay Part 1 yet! I definitely want to change that so I can watch the second part when it’s out in theaters (does that come out soon? Or in a year? I don’t even know), but I don’t know when I’ll get around to it. I’m a mess.

5. Is Allegiant out yet? Either way, I completely forgot to see Insurgent while it was in theaters and now I don’t know when I will or if I even want to. It sounds like they changed a lot of stuff in it, so I don’t know if they’ll also have to change a lot of stuff in Allegiant to make sure that the story still makes sense? We’ll see.

6. I haven’t read The Martian yet, but when I do I’ll definitely want to see the movie. I’ve been hearing fantastic things and I haven’t seen very many space/sci-fi movies before. This is one that I’ll hopefully be able to watch before I fall ridiculously behind, like with Harry Potter.

7. If I’m being honest, I couldn’t stand the book Life of Pi. I was assigned to read it for a class that I took in eighth grade and it was the first time when I actually didn’t read it. I only read the first half of part one and then part three, and I still got enough information to get top grades on all of the projects we had to do with it. I just found it very boring and slow-paced (I’m sorry if it’s your favorite book!). Keeping that in mind, I don’t really know if I want to see the movie. It might be interesting to see how it translates to film and if I like it better then, not to mention the fact that it won so many awards. We’ll see.

8. What would be a Forwards and Bookwords post without mentioning The Lunar Chronicles? (and you thought I would stop raving about them now that the series is over!) There’s definitely real potential for a movie now (I’m pretty sure that the rights have been sold) and I know that it will be fantastic. Not only that, but it would only help to bring more popularity to a series that totally deserves it.

9. I’m also really looking forward to Looking for Alaska to be made into a film. I actually haven’t finished the book, but who doesn’t love a good John Green movie? I’m sure it will be fantastic.

10. I haven’t yet read the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Series by Ransom Riggs, but they certainly sound like books I would enjoy and I’ve heard such fantastic things! Once I read them, I’m sure that I’ll be highly anticipating the movie adaptation, set to be released in 2016 (not to mention that it’s being directed by the Tim Burton!)

That’s it, folks! Can you believe that I actually got to ten responses without breaking any rules on the category? Is this real life?
Let me know if you also have yet to watch any of the movies on my list or your thoughts on the ones that you have watched! Also make sure to link me to your Top Ten Tuesday post if you made one.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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