Books & Songs (Match Made in Mondays #8)

match mondays

Good morning (or afternoon, depending where you’re from) fellow bookworms and happy Monday! It actually is a pretty happy Monday for me personally because I don’t have school today and Winter comes out tomorrow. WHAT IS LIFE.
If you don’t already know, Match Made in Mondays is a weekly book meme that I started here on Forwards and Bookwords. Each week I provide you with a topic and any one who wants to participate (myself included) fills in the blanks or bolded words with things that’ll help form the perfect match. I’m sure it’ll make more sense later, but if you’re looking for more information or want to see some future topics, you can check out the full post about it here.
Today’s topic is:

this book/series this song/album = a match made in mondays

I’ve made one other post where I paired a song with a book and I really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d make another similar topic for MMiM!
In my opinion, Sam Smith can do no wrong when it comes to putting out music. In the Lonely Hour is among my favorite albums ever, and I can’t wait to see what he does next!
Most recently, he dropped the song Drowning Shadows, which was the nicest surprise ever. Not only that, but it’s an absolutely fantastic song (currently one of my favorites). It’s just incredibly beautiful, and I would do that fancy thing where I put a Spotify box right below this so you could listen to it while you read the rest of my post, but I honestly have no idea how to do that. I’m sorry. Just look it up, okay? You won’t be disappointed.
So, if you didn’t already catch on, I’m picking Drowning Shadows as the first part of this match (I mean, technically in the way I wrote the topic the song is the second part of the match, but you get the point. I’m too rebellious to go in order).
The book I’m picking is a book that I unfortunately didn’t like as much as I like Drowning Shadows, but they go incredibly well together. That book is…
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. (Click on the title to see my review)
While this book wasn’t my favorite thing in the world, I can’t deny how much my favorite song complements it and seems to go with the story. If you’ve read Warm Bodies you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t:
The story basically follows a zombie named R who lives in an abandoned airport. He lives his life doing zombie things, chasing and eating people, and eventually being married to another zombie who he doesn’t really love because they can just pretty much grunt at each other. It’s a rough life. Let’s break down the lyrics, shall we? (the italics are the actual lyrics, and the red is my analysis) (Also, there might be some minor spoilers in here, but nothing that should ruin the story for you. Read at your own risk)

Running around chasing hearts (Literally chasing hearts. ‘Cause he’s a zombie, get it?)
Chasing bodies to fix the parts
I don’t know how I reached this place (He lost his memory from before he was a zombie)
So far from heaven, so far from grace (Far from heaven and grace because he’s dead but still stuck on earth for some reason)

Am I wrong to give in to the pressure? (Pressure to eat humans when he is slowly falling in love with him)
Cause I feel like the city’s got the better of me (R talks about going to the city, which is where they hunt the humans that they eat)
Oh, this casual love isn’t what it seems (He doesn’t like his wife as much as he likes Julie and she’s cheating on him)
And I try to imagine something closer
And somebody who is good for me 
I’m so tired of all this searching
Do I, do I, do I, do I

Go home to nothing or stay out for more? (Go home without eating humans or stay out to eat more, which will keep him undead)
Give in to someone or lock down my door? (Run after Julie or stay in the airport, locked away)
Or drown all my shadows, drown them like before? 
I’m drowning shadows once more

The more I drink, the more I drown (There’s a scene where R is drinking and he starts to feel intoxicated, which should be impossible. It’s a turning point)
If I’m not thinking, I won’t get down
The more I rise above it all (The more he lets himself fall in love with Julie…
The less I care about the fall The less he cares about the consequences)

So there’s my analysis! Do you think my choices fit well together? Either way, you should definitely go listen to Drowning Shadows. It’s so beautiful.
If you made a Match Made in Mondays today, be sure to link it down below so that I can check it out! If you didn’t but have a pairing in mind, feel free to share that in the comments as well! I’d love to hear any and all of your thoughts.
Thanks for reading!


(P.S.: Hopefully my huge Lunar Chronicles post will be coming later today… keep an eye out for that!)


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