Okay, before we get into the crazy good stuff, let’s talk about the cover.

I kind of hate it. Guys… it’s just not good, and that’s coming from a girl who will defend this series with her life and reputation. People on covers are rarely done well, and unfortunately – unlike the other covers in the series – this one is not one of the exceptions. It honestly makes me uncomfortable, and the dress kind of looks like it was copy and pasted onto the girl.
Don’t get me wrong: the girl is pretty, the dress is pretty, the colors are pretty, but it just doesn’t all work very well together on this cover, at least in my opinion. Maybe it’s the fact that I kind of feel like I’m being forced to make eye-contact with the book? Also, look at the model’s arm, and then follow it down to her wrist. It kind of… looks like it ends in a foot? And she’s holding the crown with her toes?
I mean, at least it matches. Obviously this is just my opinion on the cover and on Twitter I saw that a lot of people love it which is awesome! It’s not really about the cover anyway. These covers are pretty predictable so I’m not too surprised. It’s a girl in a nice dress. Whatever. See, if it was a zombie girl with blood dripping down her face in a dress then I’d be surprised. But it’s all good. Lord knows that Kiera Cass will probably kill enough people in this book already without me suggesting zombies.
However, going back to the whole awkward eye-contact thing, can we contemplate why this cover features Eadlyn (has it been confirmed that that’s Eadlyn? I’m pretty sure it’s Eadlyn) facing with her entire face, which hasn’t happened on a Selection cover. What does this mean? Eadlyn is going to be rebellious and different? I mean, that already happened in The Heir…

So hey, hello, how are you? Welcome to my very first predictions post on this blog about everything that I think will go down in the epic(?) conclusion to the Selection series.
Before we begin, if you’re hoping to catch up on my previous thoughts about this book and its predecessors, check out my review for The Heir, my (spot-on) cover predictions, and my Waiting on Wednesday featuring this lovely book before it even had a title.
Okay, now that you’re up-to-date on everything I feel about this book and you’re perfectly aware of the fact that I will probably be dead by the end of this book no matter how it ends, let’s get into the predicting shall we?

i am so excited i may vomit

Where We Left Off


In case you need a refresher of what happened at the end of the Heir because you haven’t been rereading the books constantly since last March waiting for news on this wonderful book… (calming breath) here are the main points that would probably be good to know:

  • Eadlyn was being a jerk told Ahren to break up Camille and so Ahren decided to be a jerk and they eloped, leaving Eadlyn devastated and mad until she goes and snoops in her parents old romantic stuff which reminds her of the power of loooovveee
  • The biggest governmental issue going on at the end of the book is that now poorer provinces are attempting to cause an uprising to completely end monarchy because they feel like the king doesn’t care about them (way to go Maxon)
  • Josie is still thoroughly annoying
  • Though they are barely in the book (sigh) it is established that Aspen and Lucy are having trouble having children
  • Ean, Kile, Fox, Henri (along with translator Erik), Leeland, Apsel, Edwin, Gunner, Winslow, Harrison, Linde, Alex, Julian, Ivan, Tavish, Raoul, and Calvin all remain in the Selection.
  • Ean Cabel (the mysterious and confident one) notices that Eadlyn doesn’t really seem to want to do the Selection and offers to be the one she marries but she wouldn’t really have to love him, he would just be a good companion. He literally offered to friendzone himself. Eadlyn hasn’t declined or accepted.
  • At the end of the book Kiera Cass decides to torture literally everyone and have America suffer a heart attack, leaving her in critical condition when the book closes and we are all left waiting for months and months for the next installment.

(Okay that’s not exactly where she ends the book)

  • Eadlyn makes it pretty clear that she plans on finishing her Selection is a traditional way (with a marriage to one of the suitors):

    Either way, I couldn’t slow now.  I knew that for my sake – for my family’s sake – I had to finish my Selection. And, when I did, I’d have a ring on my finger.

single ladies gif

So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s talk about how Kiera Cass might wrap up all of these issues and plot points into a neat tidy ending because, let’s be real – the last thing we need her doing is adding two more books that have a horrific ending onto a trilogy that already had a perfectly good ending. Don’t fail me now Kiera Cass.

First of all, let’s talk about that lovely, lovely cliffhanger.

The second guard raced away while the first faced me and took a deep breath.  “You need to come with me to the hospital wing, Your Highness.  Your mother has had a heart attack.”

As quiet as it was, it sounded like he was screaming.  I couldn’t think of what to say or do, but I knew I had to get to her.  Even in heels, I outpaced the guard, running as fast as I could.

Okay, look. This book is going to be the last book in the series and like all last books there are going to be a lot of deaths. There are going to be a lot of tears shed and ships sunk and angry letters written to authors. But… will America die?  

the suspense

No, I don’t think America is going to die.  If America died the book would literally be about five pages long and this would be the chain of events:

1) America dies
2) Maxon loses it because America is dead and has to step down from the throne
3) Eadlyn has to step up to take the throne but is nowhere near prepared
4) Country revolts, government falls, world blows up, Josie’s still annoying
5) Readers everywhere rage

Honestly, I can’t think of any way that Kiera Cass could effectively kill America off without completely ruining the book. If America dies it would have to be pretty much right at the beginning of the book, because you’re not going to have her recover from something so horrible just to have her die randomly in a different way. When Queen Amberly died it was right at the end of the book and the next book didn’t take place until twenty years later so it gave Maxon a ton of time to cope. If America died it would only be realistic for Eadlyn to be struggling to recover from such a devastating loss the entire rest of the book, which leaves so many different plot lines unsolved  Killing America solves nothing and creates about fifty more problems. I’m confident that she’ll be able to shake it off.

shake it off

(But if I’m wrong… @ Kiera’s mom and dad: I would flee because your daughter seems to have a thing for killing parents)
So if America doesn’t die… who will?  Let’s get on to the most morbid and emotionally difficult part of this prediction.

Deaths: Who Kicks the Bucket and Who Will Live to See Another Post-Finale FanFiction

It’s the last book in the series, and with that comes lots of bloodshed. The sooner we accept that the sooner we can start crying and reread our favorite parts featuring those characters and cradle our copies of the books while slowly muttering the names of our sunken ships…
So let’s get started!  I’ll be ranking my deaths from most significant characters to least significant:

1) Aspen
Predicted Probability of Death: 47%

Wait!  Don’t leave. I’m sorry, I know. I don’t want Aspen to die. I was Team Aspen for the entire first book of the series and he still remains one of my favorite characters. Aspen is kind of a wild card for me. In some ways, it makes sense that he would die. I mean, he is a castle guard still which puts him in dangerous situations a lot. He also made very few appearances in The Heir and isn’t too wrapped up in any of the sub-plot lines which would mean that if he died it wouldn’t affect the plot too much other than creating some tearjerking scenes, causing the reader to become more emotionally attached to the book: every author’s goal. However, there are some slight issues with the idea of Aspen dying. Actually, there’s only one problem: Lucy  Lucy and Aspen’s relationship (though we’ve seen little of it) is adorable, but it’s barely had any time to actually be a relationship. Not only that, but both characters have been unhappy for the entire series. Aspen was unhappy throughout the first three books because he didn’t end up with America and Lucy was unhappy the first three books because of her troubling past. Now they’re finally together and they are once again unhappy because of the difficulties they are facing when trying to have children. But… I don’t know. I guess I’m just scared and I’m trying to prepare myself. Because seriously… WHAT IF ASPEN DIES?!

why are you making us feel these things

2) Kile
Predicted Probability of Death: 80%

If I’m being completely honest I have no idea why I’m so confident that Kile will die. I’m 100% confident that one of the remaining members of the Selection will die, but why Kile? I guess it’s because I really don’t think he has any chance of winning the Selection (reasons to come below). Because he isn’t going to win, it makes sense that he would die. So many of the people in the castle are so connected to him, whether because they’re relatives or longtime friends, which would make for some very dramatic, tear-inducing mourning scenes. Not only that, but I refuse to believe that Josie will stay obnoxious for this whole book. In young adult novels, all of the characters that we’re made to hate just because of their horrible personalities always seem to have some sort of redeeming quality that makes us end up loving them (rest in peace Celeste Newsome). I think that if Kile died, Josie and Eadlyn would really bond together to help cope with the loss and bam! Josie is suddenly Illéa’s little angel.

3) Kaden
Predicted Probability of Death: 50% 

If right now you’re thinking, Wait, Kaden who? then you’re kind of proving my point to yourself. To refresh your poor, Selection-deprived minds, Kaden is the second youngest son of Maxon and America. He didn’t play a very large role in The Heir at all, but he is royalty. Because it’s the conclusion to the series, I’m fairly certain that someone royal is going to die – it would only make sense. Though a happy conclusion, it wouldn’t feel like a very realistic conclusion to me if a) no one died or b) people died but none of them were top-dog people. So if a member of the royal family is to die, in my eyes it has to be Kaden. It won’t be Maxon because if Maxon dies fangirls everywhere will die (including myself).  It won’t be America (see above), and it won’t be Ahren, purely because he literally eloped and probably won’t be involved in all the hardcore battle scenes. That leaves Eadlyn and Osten, and it definitely won’t be Osten because wouldn’t killing the youngest, most innocent member of the family just be kind of cruel?
Which leaves… Eadlyn.

hahaha no

Sorry, but some other vicious evil heartbreaking very successful YA authors have already played the “kill narrator in last book” card, which is what leads me to believe that Kaden is the best bet on this one.

And finally, my last prediction on who will die…

4) Neena
Predicted Probability of Death: 40%

Neena is Eadlyn’s maid from The Heir and we didn’t hear much from her throughout the book other than when she was helping Eadlyn get ready.  We did, however, here about her cute romance with hard-worker Mark (I’m pretty sure that’s his name?). She is probably one of the closest people that Eadlyn has as a friend considering the fact that she’s become pretty accustomed to pushing people away. Because of this and the fact that we’ve heard some stuff about her romantic life her death would be dramatic enough to worth including in the story and it might have some affect on Eadlyn and her friends. Just a thought.

Now that I’m done predicting people’s deaths (oh, the joys of running a book blog) it’s time for what everyone’s been waiting for…

Who Will Win the Selection? (and less excitingly: What Will Happen to the Already Established Romances?)

Okay, let’s talk about how the romances that have already been mentioned will play out.

Neena and Mark(?): Honestly I really enjoyed the brief parts of The Heir where we heard about what it was like for maids to have romances now that the caste system was dissolved, and I’d really like it if this little romance was a larger part of the next book. Like, what if Eadlyn decides she doesn’t want to get married and decides to give the wedding that the castle was already prepared to throw to Neena and Mark?her boyfriend the wedding in a sudden expression of gratitude? That’d be awesome. Highly unlikely, but awesome. And of course, this is assuming the whole “Neena dying” prediction doesn’t come true.

Maxon and America: Will stay together.  Although I think it would be interesting to see what directions the books took if their marriage started to fall apart due to stress, I really don’t think there’d be a way to easily incorporate that into the last book of a series.

Ahren and Camille: Will stay together. I really think it would be incredibly counterproductive if they un-eloped (is that even a thing?), despite all the drama it caused.  If anything, Ahren and Camille breaking up would only wrack Eadlyn with horrific guilt because she would think it was her fault.  However, I don’t think they’ll be gone for long, that would be so sad. I’m guessing that Ahren with show up at Eadlyn’s wedding and walk her down the aisle, sort of Aspen-at-the-end-of-The-One-esque.

Marlee and Officer Woodwork: Will stay together. I doubt having a daughter as annoying as Josie could tear a marriage apart, and they certainly went through enough in the first book.

Aspen and Lucy:  Assuming my death prediction about Aspen is incorrect, they’ll most definitely stay together and hopefully get some happiness in their lives for once.

Now… the big one. Who’s going to win the Selection?  Let’s break it down, getting the easy ones out of the way first:

Leeland, Apsel, Edwin, Gunner, Winslow, Harrison, Linde, Alex, Julian, Ivan, Tavish, Raoul, and Calvin: Who?

let me guess, you have a great personality

Yes, these fellows have all had small adorable moments (mainly at the end there, for all of them, with the talent show), but they really haven’t had much one-on-one time with Eadlyn.  There hasn’t been much time for any signs of romance with any of them, and while that would make for an unpredictable finish I don’t see it happening. Speaking more realistically, Kiera Cass must know that none of her devoted fans are shipping Eadlyn with any of these guys, and while the readers shouldn’t decide the outcome of her book, I don’t see her writing an ending that is what literally none of her readers are hoping for. While I think it would be cool to see one of these little-known fellas transformed into a swoon-worthy husband by the end of this book, I just don’t really see that happening at this point.

So now let’s talk about the four remaining guys who form the most epic love pentagon in the history of YA series conclusions (okay, let’s be real, how many of those are there?  BUT STILL) :

Ean: Will Ean win the Selection?  I really don’t think so.  Eadlyn seems willing to attempt to try and fall in love now, and find a real partner (and let’s be real, she has some pretty swoon-worthy options).  Ean himself is charmingly confident, but I find his offer kind of weird.  Imagine how weird that would be for Eadlyn: Marrying someone you have no feelings for just to have someone to confer with while trying to convince everyone else that you’re in love?  For your entire life?  Sounds uncomfortable.

Kile: Ah, Kile.  My personal favorite, and I think many other people are rooting for him too.  But… Will he win the Selection?  As much as it pains me to say it, I doubt it.  In the first three books, Kiera Cass kept us on our toes until the very end of the third book.  In this Selection, Kile is the public’s favorite, it seems like he’s Eadlyn’s favorite, and those two factors together mean that as of right now he would be the obvious winner. Too obvious.  After four books we all know too well that Kiera doesn’t write predictable books. Of course, there’s plenty of time for unpredictability within the last book to turn the spotlight away from Kile, but as of right now… Nah. He won’t win. (And also, if my death prediction is right, he won’t even be an option. I don’t know about Eadlyn, but for me, dead is a deal breaker.)

Fox: Now, Fox is an interesting fellow. He was pretty near elimination after the epic battle of the asparagus, but then he talked to Eadlyn and it turns out he’s really sweet. Fox is a contender, I’ll give him that.  However, he’s not who I think will win…

Henri: Henri is a sweetheart. As far as I can tell, he doesn’t have any flaws, but the language barrier is another story. It’s hard to enjoy the sweet scenes between Henri and Eadlyn because there’s always a middle man. He’s a nice guy, but it would be incredibly difficult for him and Eadlyn to spend their lives together… let alone lead a country side by side. Which leaves…

Erik: If you’re surprised by Erik’s inclusion on this list, then have you forgotten the dramatic hand touching and romantic conversations occurring near the end of the book? And if you argue that Erik isn’t even a participant of the Selection, you’d be right. But if Eadlyn was really in love with him (which I really think she is) I’m sure her parents would make an exception. A certain queen I know knows exactly what it feels like to fall in love with the person you’re not supposed to.  It would be dramatic and (bare with me) because Erik is from a poorer community – which will be more relatable to the people causing uprisings in the country – he might just be able to soothe all of the unrest.


Yes? No? Maybe? What even is going on? I want to hear your thoughts about everything that might go down in this book in the comments!

And, until May 3, I’ll just be sitting here, calmly waiting for this book.


**Disclaimer: All of the predictions, thoughts, and hopes in this post are my own predictions. I am not guaranteeing they will come true and I am perfectly okay if they don’t. All the characters and plot lines that I poked fun at in these predictions were jokes.  I love every part of these books and I’m sure whatever Kiera Cass puts out for this fifth book will be amazing**
Thanks for reading! 🙂


27 thoughts on “WHAT WILL GO DOWN IN THE CROWN BY KIERA CASS? (Predictions #1)

    • I feel the same way! I honestly don’t know how Kiera Cass could kill America… she had three solid books that had America as the main character. If she adds two more not completely needed books and then kills America, I’ll definitely be sad.


  1. I loved your post I was giggling the whole time. I think America may be put on the brink of death so Eady will learn both sides of ruling. I don’t think Aspen will die. I need a reread of The Heir before book 2 because too many guys! Can’t remember my choices XD Also I would kill for the dress on this cover purple is my favorite color!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! The Crown! That was one of your guesses. I’m not really sure I like the cover, either- especially after you pointed out here hand. I’ve never really liked dresses that hang so low but stick out weird like that on the chest. It just doesn’t look natural. I wonder if the fact that she’s looking directly at the viewer DOES mean something significant. Maybe Eadlyn will be the one to die! The whole cover to me gives a kind of weird and desperate vibe.. I don’t see it and think “happily ever after.” I wonder if that’s on purpose.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Such great predictions! Fingers crossed your right about who’s going to win the selection. I like Kile, but I feel like Erik is the right one for her. I completely agree that Kile is much too obvious of a choice and Henri, unfortunately, doesn’t really have a shot due to the language barrier. I feel like if Henri could speak the same language as Eadlyn, I would be a lot more conflicted on who I want to end up with her.

    Great post!
    Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re right, this kind of post is SO MUCH FUN, haha! And I hated the cover, how could they do this to The Crown? Anyway, haha! Glad that people out there liked it. I will love to read your post again after I finish reading the book ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m very upset about the cover, but some people were talking about how they love it. However, I also saw people attempting to start the hashtag #TheSelectionersWantANewCover. I wonder what Kiera thinks about it now… Who knows. I’m thinking that maybe for my review of The Crown I’ll include another copy of my predictions with new annotations about my thoughts after I finish it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • This sounds a marvelous idea! It would be nice to be able to compare your predictions with what happened in the spot, haha! ❤ And I think I'll get in this hashtag, haha! I really hated this cover, I wonder what Kiera thought as well…

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks a lot for your post!!! I enjoyed reading it. You’ve had a lot of very interesting theories. I agree with a lot of points you’ve brought up.

    For me, I think Eadlyn will end up with Kile at the end, but only if she gives up something for him, like maybe the throne because of his dream of traveling and seeing buildings and having a place that is his own. I remember her line of thinking when she learned how self-sacrificing her mom is to her friends and others. Eadlyn said she never thought she would have to do the same. So perhaps she’ll learn to be self-sacrificing for others in the final book. From who? I guess we’ll find out from the final book. Also, i think Eadlyn and Kile are similar to America and Aspen in some ways whereas Eadlyn and Erik is the America and Maxon version (with there being friendship first, lovers second).

    On the other hand, I know that she tries really hard to be the queen her people expects her to be someday, but according to Ahren, Eadlyn’s way of ruling would be harsh and as a person, she’s narrow-minded. Erik can do wonders to her personality, which, I admit, needs a lot of work so that she can be a good ruler of Illea. It’d be wonderful if they can end up together. If they do, I’m not too worried about what the country is going to think because for one, they’re already dissatisfied. Two, they blame their problems on the monarchy even though they’re stretching themselves thin (hint: Maxon looking tired all the time) to help them. With a good man like Erik on the throne as Prince Consort, he’ll have a calming and peace-inducing effect on the people, i’m sure, provided, of course, their romance isn’t discovered prematurely before the 3 month deadline of The Selection or that he isn’t a bad guy this entire time or a spy or gay. That would bring a lot of drama to the story that won’t be satisfactorily resolved with just one book (there’ll be a need for more).

    So there you have it…it could be Keadlyn or Eadrik… I prefer the latter but will still be happy with the former too, however it’ll turn out. I just hope we can survive reading the final book not only because of possible deaths of beloved characters but also because it’ll be the last of The Selection Series. ;_______________________;


    • Thank you so much! Those are all such fantastic theories. I love that there are still so many options left, and we really don’t know how it’s going to end for sure. Like, with The One, you kind of knew who America was going to pick because the book was called “The One”. I absolutely cannot wait for this finale! 🙂


  6. […] 2. The Crown by Kiera Cass  Release Date: May 3, 2016 Unpopular opinion: I don’t hate this series. I actually love it with a large part of my heart and I’m so excited for this concluding novel, even if the cover is hideous. Yet again, if you want to hear my full excited thoughts and predictions for this book, I made another post about it a while back that you can read here. […]

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