Match Made in Mondays #6

match mondays

Hello, I hope you’re having a tolerable Monday! According to Amazon some books that I ordered are coming in today so I’m having a pretty good one, what about you?
So you know how everyone is always fighting online about who’s ships are more compatible or more likely to be real? Well what could be a better idea than making participants in today’s MMiM create even more ships to fight about?
If you don’t already know, Match Made in Mondays is a meme that I created. Basically every week you plug in variables in an equation (more like Math Made in Mondays, am I right?) that you think will create a perfect match. You can see upcoming and past topics, as well as a more detailed explanation here.
Without further ado, let’s get match-making!

this character from this book this character from a different book shipped = a match made in monday

You know what’s always bothered me? How come Neville never ends up with anyone good in the Harry Potter series? Sure, Neville has his moments of heroism in the series, but wouldn’t it be the ultimate victory for Neville if he ended up marrying Hermione? Or had everyone pining for him at the Yule Ball? Obviously relationships aren’t the only thing that matter in a middle grade series, but I always thought that Neville deserved his own personal happily ever after, which is why Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter series is the first factor in my pairing.

(Note: Yes, it was confirmed that Neville does end up with someone – and I’m not going to say who – but I swear, they had no chemistry! It’s like they were just thrown together for the sake of being a couple. I totally don’t ship it, so I’m replacing it.)

Now, what do we know about Neville? Obviously we need to make sure that his shipping partner balances out his best and worst qualities. Is anyone surprised that I’m turning to another one of my favorite series and picking Cress?
(From the Lunar Chronicles, you silly geese, if you didn’t already pick up on that)
Although I love Cress’s counterpart in her current ship (who will remain unnamed for sake of spoilers) I think Cress and Neville would make for an adorable couple. They’re both fun-loving and kind of goofy but can also kick serious butt when push comes to shove. They’ve incredibly loyal friends, and… I don’t know, just think about it!
Cress has lived in outer space for pretty much her entire life, and Neville loves plants. I just picture them sitting on the ground gardening together, with Cress completely fascinated and Neville trying as hard as he can not to accidentally blow something up.
Cress also kind of reminds me of Luna somehow, and I was always a hard-core Lunaville shipper throughout the entire series.

So how, you may ask, will Neville and Cress meet when they live on completely different sides of worlds in completely different time periods? Neville’s a wizard (although maybe not the best one, at that), so I’m sure he’ll make it happen once he realizes that they’re destined to be together. And if he doesn’t… I will.

I hope you enjoyed that MMiM post for this week! I had a really fun time making it. You’ll notice that for now it only used gifs from the Harry Potter movie, but I’m holding out hope that they’ll finally make some movies out of the Lunar Chronicles and I’ll be able to change that.
Let me know if you agree with this ship or if you made your own (either in a post, or in your mind just as you were reading it!).
Have a fantastic rest of your day, and thanks for reading! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Match Made in Mondays #6

  1. I did this one! But I clicked on the wrong monday on wordpress calendar and only noticed it now that I’ve read your pairing! Ugh. Anyway, that means you will meet my perfect pair on next monday ❤ thanks for coming with such a great meme!!


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