I-G-G-Y & BLUES CLUES (Random Sundays #1)

random sundays

Hey guys and happy Sunday! I was thinking about how at the beginning of my blog I talked about how my posts on Sundays would be random, but since then they’ve been anything but. I’m hoping to change that because I have so many ideas for posts that maybe wouldn’t really fit too well into other posts on my blog. These posts will usually still be book related, but will include more updates from my life and random thoughts. You can tell I’m pretty serious about it because I even made a fancy new header for it! Who’s organized? This girl (kinda)! And speaking of organization, this post will be divided into three rambling sections: Books, Movies, and Music (but yes, I promise they’re all relevant to this blog and books).


I’m hoping to be done with my reread of the Lunar Chronicles by next weekend. It’s seems unlikely that that’s going to be possible but I’m not giving up hope. My main motivation is the fact that I already have an artsy Instgram picture ready to post when I finish reading them and because I want to be able to make a huge predictions post about what will happen in Winter, because it turns out I really like writing those! I have one coming out for The Crown by Kiera Cass which you can expect as soon as they just release the dang cover and synopsis. Sigh.
I’m also struggling to decide if I should just start completely rereading the Harry Potter series as the illustrated edition of The Sorcerer’s Stone has completely left me in a book hangover and just wanting more. It’s such a pretty book and I want the next ones right now. Of course, the fifth one will have to weight at least 30 pounds, so maybe I should stop pining over it and start lifting weights. (Like that’s going to happen)


I’m actually a horrible movie watcher. I always fall asleep or completely lose interest, and the only movies that I actively seek out to watch are usually book-to-movie adaptations or Disney films with singing snowmen (more on that later).
Still, I feel like a complete flop because I haven’t seen Paper Towns yet. I’ve heard that you either love it or you hate it, but I want to know for myself! Fortunately, one of my friends is having us watch it at her birthday party so hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy it (or, at the very worst, be able to stare at Nat Wolff for a couple of hours, amirite?)
I definitely want to start making book-to-movie reviews on my blog but I’m so behind on them that I don’t know when I’ll be able to start doing that. I haven’t even seen Catching Fire or Insurgent yet! I was considering making one for TFIOS but by the time that I made my blog it had been so long since the release that I thought it wasn’t worth it anymore.
However, I do have thoughts about that movie. I was pretty happy with how true it stayed to the book, and I thought the casting was really great (never mind the whole from brother to lover thing – they’re two completely different fictional worlds/stories!). The first time those text message bubbles literally popped unto the screen, I cringed pretty bad. I mean, I don’t know how else that could’ve effectively shown those exchanges, so maybe I don’t have a right to complain, but it felt tacky. And not to be super nit-picky, but I lost it a little bit when the full email exchanges between Hazel and van Houten weren’t included. Obviously those deep conversations might not appeal to the portion of the audience that only came for the romance but they literally cut out the Shakespeare quote from Julius Caesar. That’s where the title of the movie comes from, and they didn’t even include it! My goodness.  


I’m pretty much always listening to music when I write my blog posts (like write now I’m singing slightly out of tune along to Adele’s Hello which is FANTASTIC). I had one playlist on Spotify that was pretty much made up solely of Sam Smith and One Direction (I’m a teenage girl – cut me some slack). However, you can only listen to that stuff so many times (twelve, I found, was my limit) before you want to add some other stuff into the mix. I started listening to the new albums of random artists and added all of the ones I liked.
One of them was Kingdom Come by Demi Lovato. It’s not a song that would typically be my cup of tea, but one line cracked me up so much every time I heard it. Iggy Azalea is featured with a rap solo, and in it she says:

Gather ’round, now I’m back from my holiday
“Long live the Queen”, what the people say
And that be me, I got a king in my cavalry
Them other knights, say goodnight, they get apathy
You’ll never catch an Adam without Eve
You’ll never catch a Blue without Steve.

Look, rap has never been my thing. I can never understand what they’re saying and half the time I feel like what they’re saying doesn’t even make sense. However, a Blues Clues reference within a rap? That I can respect.
I immediately stopped writing my “Match Made on Mondays” post I was working on and googled “Blue’s Clues” to confirm that that dude with the green striped shirt was, in fact, named Steve. And then I freaked out.

Of course I had to bring up the lyrics online to show my sister how hilarious it was that Iggy Azalea makes reference to a TV show intended for elementary schoolers in her rap. And that’s when I discovered the cold, hard truth:

Gather ’round, now I’m back from my  holiday
“Long live the Queen”, what the people say
And that be me, I got a king in my cavalry
Them other knights, say goodnight, they get apathy
You’ll never catch an Adam without Eve
You’ll never catch a bloom without seeds.

Needless to say, I was tremendously disappointed and immediately deleted the song from my playlist because all it brought now were horrible flashbacks to the moment I learned the true lyrics. However, there is honestly no argument that doesn’t very say, “You’ll never catch a Blue without Steve”. Some other lyric websites actually have those listed as the words, so who knows. Feel free to listen to the song and weigh in.
Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah – that’s why there was a Blue’s Clues gif in my last MMiM post. There’s a fun little behind-the-scenes fact for you!

Have you been able to handle the randomness long enough to reach the end of this post? It was really fun to make, so if you liked it you can definitely expect many more in the future.
Feel free to comment your thoughts on any of the strange things I brought up in this post in the comments! (Plus any new music recommendations because Iggy let me down)
Thanks for reading! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “I-G-G-Y & BLUES CLUES (Random Sundays #1)

  1. Hahaha! Loved this post, you are so funny ❤ I also am a terrible movie watcher, I always preffer the books, haha!

    I think the only time EVER that I totally digged more the movie was Marley and Me, I hated that book but I FREAKING LOVE that movie ❤ And always cry my heart out, haha!

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