Feature Friday: Books that Will Never Get Old

feature friday

Friday posts two weeks in a row? Audrey is so accomplished! (But I still haven’t made a new header, so you can decide for yourself how proud you should be of me).
Some people don’t like to reread books at all, but I am most certainly not one of those people. In fact, it’s actually probably an issue that I like rereading books so much. Like, Oh, I have 150 books on my TBR? Let’s reread The Lunar Chronicles. There are so many books that I know I’ll be reading for the rest of my life, which obviously means that they are fantastic books. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to share those books with you so you can become obsessed with them as well. There are so many books that I hope to reread for the first time soon, but for the sake of keeping this list under 500 I’m limiting it to books that I’ve read 2+ times.

books that’ll never get old

#1: The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
Reread-ability: Wait, there are more than just these seven books in the world?
I just read Sorcerer’s Stone again, (in the beautiful illustrated edition, review here) and I immediately wanted to pick up the rest of the series. I honestly don’t have time to right now, but I’m hoping to potentially participate in the Very Harry Christmas read-along in December because I love these books so much. It’s gotten to the point where I can recite the first couple paragraphs of Sorcerer’s Stone by heart because I’ve accidentally memorized them in all of my re-readings. I’d prove it, but it’s kind of pointless considering this is a blog post and copy and paste from Amazon sneak peeks is all too easy these days. But, come on, there needs to be trust in our friendship.
Recommend for: People with an open schedule that will allow them to devour these 4,224 pages in approximately a week.

#2: The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson
Reread-ability: Maybe if I read about flying bird kids enough, I’ll become one.
I know I’ve ranted about my issues with this series on here before (i.e., OMG WHY WILL IT NOT JUST END IN A SATISFYING WAY), but it will always be one of my favorites. The first four books of this series are my go-to when I’m in between books and I don’t know what to pick up next. The characters and dialogue are so hilarious and the entire series is like one huge adventure that is so easy to read in a matter of days. Also, props to Patterson for writing about a lovable dog and not feeling the need to kill it off.
Recommend for: Fans of adventures featuring bird-kid eating wolves.

#3: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Reread-ability: No I did not drop my book in the sink. That is the progression of my tears over time.
I know that some people think that this book is just okay, but I’m a huge fan. It’s not something that I fight people on, because honestly usually the points they bring up about why they didn’t love it are valid. All I can say is that this book was everything I ever wanted and I will always think that’s it’s fantastic. I reread it immediately after finishing it for the first time and have a tendency to reread it when I have a million other things to do. No other book has ever made me laugh so hard while simultaneously slowly ripping my heart into five hundred million pieces.
Recommend for: People who aren’t afraid of the aforementioned heart ripping.

#4: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
Reread-ability: I’ve read this five times and I still don’t completely understand what’s going on!
So I’m sure by now you’ve either read this book or heard about it a million times, and you’re thinking that this is the part where I’m supposed to be super mysterious and tell you that I can’t tell you anything or I’ll ruin everything. I promise I won’t, but I’m not done with this little entry. This book completely blew my mind, and in a way that most books don’t. My books blow your mind and then your mind is like, “Mind if I put myself back together?” and you’re like, “No, I don’t mind.” and then your mind processes things like how minds are supposed to. That never happened with this book. My brain was irreparably confused and left me completely speechless. And I was like, “Mind helping me out?” And my mind was like, “Mind your own business and let me cry for a little while.”
Recommend for: Mysterious people, like the ones who where dark sunglasses all the time and someone prevent their headphones from getting tangled.

#5: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Reread-ability: Maybe I could buy all of the beautiful special editions and then only read the story once from each… then it would be less weird.
This book is one of those few, fantastic novels that you can read at literally any time of the year and feel like it was the perfect time to read it. Like, you can read it during summer because it’s super cute, but you can also read it during winter because it’ll remind you of Harry Potter and usually winter is relevant at some point in Harry Potter. You can read it at school because the characters are at school… you should probably just read it. Over… and over.
Recommend for: Fans and girls and fans of girls and girls of fans and Harry Potter fans and contemporary fans and ceiling fans and literally everyone.

El fin. (You can’t say that I’m procrastinating my Spanish homework if I used it in my blog post, right?)
Like I said, I love rereading books, so if you have any books that you think are totally reread-able and would recommend to me, let me know in the comments below! Also let me know which book you’ve read the most times and how many times you’ve read it, because that’d be fun!
Have a fantastic day, and thanks for reading! 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Books that Will Never Get Old

  1. I’m a re-reader too!! I can’t even list them all – Harry Potter (of course), Percy Jackson, CHERUB, Gregor the Overlander, anything by Rainbow Rowell – the list goes on and on. I love when you read something for the nth time, and discover something new, whether it’s a detail you missed, or you just see it differently. Great post!

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  2. Harry Potter is amazing to reread, I’ve read those books at least three times! Also TFIOS is a great read, I have only read it once but in a few years I’d probably want to reread it again 😀


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