Top Ten Tuesday: Book Genie Wishin’

top ten tuesday

Welcome to another unpredictably timed Top Ten Tuesday post! It’s officially not Monday (and maybe even not Tuesday where you are), so congratulations!
I was considering skipping making this post because it is so late, but it was such a fun topic that I couldn’t pass it up. Today’s theme (provided, as always, by The Broke and the Bookish) is:

top ten wishes i’d like to be granted by the book genie

Like I said, it’s pretty late here. We’ll see if I make it to ten. (You never thought this day would come, did you? The day that I potentially didn’t have ten things to complain about.)

#1: Look genie, I know you’re used to granting things in threes, but feel free to lay off the trilogies. Just for a while.
#2: If you could guarantee that my book collection will never go up in flames on one of those rushed days where I leave the straightener on, you would really relieve some worries.
#3: Can I ask for seven more Harry Potter books all in one wish?
#4: Make the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson finally end (for what, the third time?) in a satisfying way.
#5: Laini Taylor and Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth can start churning out new amazing books any day now.
#6: Make books that feature dead dogs come with a warning. I’m spending too much money on Kleenexes.
#7: All those horrible cover changes? Poof. Change them back.
#8: Let’s make that ten more Harry Potter books.
#9: If you could reduce the price of hardcovers by – say – $5.00, you’d be my hero.
#10: An ARC of Winter. (But holy cow guys: ONLY 20 DAYS LEFT)

Wow, I actually made it to the end (but are we really that surprised?). It was shorter than usual, but I thought this was a really fun topic, so if you have an additional requests, be sure to leave them in the comments below!
Don’t forget that I have a giveaway going on right now! You can enter here, and some of the options you can do once per day for additional entries.
Thanks for reading! 🙂



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