Match Made in Mondays #2

match mondays

Hello! Welcome to the second ever but first official Match Made in Mondays meme post! I was hoping to get this all put together last week, but life got crazy (and I got a little lazy) so here it is now!
For those of you who are wondering what this is all about and/or those of you who are planning to participate in this weekly meme, this is now a page on my blog where you can find the answers to your questions and the upcoming themes for the next month. You can access that page right here or through the menu by clicking on the “Match Made in Mondays Topics” tab.
The basic idea is that each week I’ll pick a general topic and you’ll fill in the blanks (represented by the underlined words in the heading below) to create what you believe to be a perfect pairing. This week’s topic was:


If you watched Disney Channel as a kid, like I did, you’ll probably remember what was quite possibly the last few decent episodes that they put out. Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana was a three-episode series of crossover editions of Wizards of Waverly PlaceSuite Life on Deck, and Hannah Montana. Now, maybe these shows came way after you would’ve been watching children’s television or maybe they even came after you and you don’t at all picture a little blonde-haired pop star wearing sparkly hats when you hear “Miley Cyrus”, but either way this topic is giving you an opportunity to imagine your own crossover book, by sticking characters of one book into the world of another.

The first choice for a book/series to include was pretty easy for me. How could I not go with Harry Potter? That series includes such a large and amazing cast of characters and an incredibly beautiful world. Not only that, but I would consider Hogwarts a pretty safe environment to bring precious characters from a different series into. I mean, the level of destruction going on really depends on what book you’re looking at, but either way there’s not a total guarantee of death. A foreign character’s chances of survival would definitely be better there then, say, in the Arena.
If I’m being honest, the second book/series I had to choose wasn’t that hard of a choice either. I wanted another amazing series that I love with kick butt and hilarious characters and a super unique environment setting. And, I mean… what’s more unique than the moon?

Can you imagine that, though? A Lunar Chronicles and Harry Potter crossover novel is a book that I would pay a lot of money to read. The hardest decision for me in this post is definitely deciding if I want the cast of The Lunar Chronicles to end up in Hogwarts with the Harry Potter gang or vice versa.
Both have their advantages. I mean, if of all of the Lunar Chronicles’ characters ended up in J.K. Rowling’s London, think of all the shenanigans they could get up to:

  • Levana could finally meet someone who would love her back! It’s not like he could complain about her deformed face while lacking a nose, and they both seem to have a thing for killing their family members (#IShipLevanamort)
  • Iko and Dobby could strike up an adorable friendship and talk about how much they admire people and clothes and socks
  • Cress would run around the castle, fascinated by all of the magical technology, but probably freak out when she realizes that none of her stuff works within the castle walls (someone didn’t read Hogwarts: A History)
  • Wolfe could make some werewolf-y friends
  • Captain Thorne would probably try and learn to play Quidditch in an attempt to impress everyone, refusing to accept that he doesn’t know how to ride a broomstick

Not to mention the possibility of Levana hearing about the Mirror of Erised. Can you imagine? She absolutely detests mirrors, but what would she do if she had the opportunity to look into one and see herself with everything that she ever wanted? Would she become obsessed and look at it constantly?
On the other hand, if we could transport the Harry Potter crew into The Lunar Chronicles it would definitely be an incredible ride. I can just picture Ron on the moon with Hermione, bragging about how he finally got “Wingardium Leviosa” down, which is why everything is floating, followed by Hermione preaching about the laws of gravity. Plus, Harry, Hermione, and Ron plus our crew of six from the Lunar Chronicles would just be ultimate squad goals.
However, I’m going to have to lock in the characters from the Lunar Chronicles going to join Harry and friends at Hogwarts as my final match. I still have another book to look forward to in the Lunar Chronicles world, and I’ll always be craving more Hogwarts.

That concludes my first Match Made in Mondays post! I don’t know if anyone is still planning in participating along in these, but even if you aren’t I’d love to know if you agree with my answers or what yours would be in the comments below. If you did participate or you’re going to now using this theme, be sure to come back and leave the link so that I can check it out and help share it! Also let me know if you’re enjoying this meme so far and if you have any suggestions that you’d like to see as future topics.
Thanks for reading 🙂


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