Tunesday Tuesday!

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday (which is less than happy for me because school). Do you like that fancy little free image I found on Google? It’s there because I’m doing something today and I don’t know whether or not it’s going to become a regular thing so as of right now I haven’t made a snazzy header.
The thing is called “Tunesday Tuesday” which isn’t the most unpredictable or original title for something like this so if someone is already using this title I am so, so sorry – I didn’t mean to steal your feature or title. I’m doing this as of this week mainly because I didn’t really have many ideas to share for the “Top Ten Tuesday” topic, so I decided to try something new.
Basically I’m just going to be sharing a current jam that goes along with a book that I really liked. I don’t have very unique music tastes (I’m normally just listening to whatever is on the radio because I’m boring) but a girl on my tennis team is super into music and listens to all of these really cool bands that I had never heard of. She’s attempting to show me a world that exists outside of Sirius XM Hits 1 but I’m still new at this so if the song I share is some really old song that you’ve known about for forever please don’t make fun of me, at least I’ve finally got over Party in the USA.
The song I’ve chosen is Reflection by MisterWives and the book is Fairest by Marissa Meyer… and I know, I know. Hold back your fake gasps of surprise: I am using a book from the Lunar Chronicles. And yes, I am going to continue incorporating the Lunar Chronicles into everything until everyone reads them, so just go read them! Wait are you waiting for? GAH.

Some people are super fancy and smarter than me and know how to insert Spotify songs directly into their posts but I’m just not that cool yet, so here is the link where you can listen to it:
Reflections – MisterWives

It is currently my favorite song and you can bet that I’ll be listening to it on repeat while doing my bucket loads of homework tonight (assuming that I get bucket loads… this post is scheduled and I’m most likely currently sitting in one of my classes – send help!)
And I know what you’re thinking: But Audrey, this song is way too upbeat and jam-able for the darkness and creepiness that is Fairest by Marissa Meyer, in which we get an insight into Queen Levana’s mind. 
Wow, you guys are so smart! However, if you actually listen to the lyrics (or look them up – let’s be real, the enunciation in this song isn’t the best in the world), they’re so relevant to the story. Allow me to demonstrate:

You didn’t close the door
Left a crack open
I couldn’t ignore the faint possibility
Of having hope in this insanity
That we still could be
But we’re stuck floating in between

Okay, so now let’s dissect. *puts on protective glasses to prevent song guts from getting in my eyes* Levana’s biggest dream and mission in the book is to become queen of the moon. She has opportunities to overthrow her sister, even though the way that she chooses to do so is definitely insane. Also, “stuck floating in between”? They’re literally on the moon. Just saying.

Put me on the shelf; discipline myself
To let the sparks die out
Shattering anything
That has reflections of you

Our eyes were closed
With hearts open wide
Dismissed every rule to abide by
Our bodies undressed the layers of shy
Revealing the truth that was buried inside
Filled up feelings
That now are bursting at the seams

So now going into the chorus, it’s almost as if it’s talking about Levana’s struggle with finding love and her struggle with accepting her appearance, especially when it talks about shattering reflections. Is “you” herself, or her lover? Open to interpretation. Also, the entire love story in this book is so twisted and really a tremendous scandal if any of the people Levana ruled over really knew what was going on, which started to happen in the book. This made Levana really confront her feelings and she was miserable.

Unsure of what are my dreams it seems
You have stolen my slumber
And awakened another
Life within me that is better than any other
Reaching endless heights in never ending nights
That can’t be seen; put to bed this dream

Now, this verse might seem more positive than negative, but I see it in a different way. I feel like “you have stolen my slumber” could be referencing the guilt and remorse she may have been feeling, but she pushed all of that aside to “awaken another” evil and power hungry monster.

You’ve made it to the end of this crazy post! Now obviously the actual meaning of this song isn’t the plot line of Fairest, but I had a lot of fun trying to find connections. Sorry if this was super far off from your personal interpretations or actual confirmed interpretations of the song.
Like I said, this was something I’m just trying out but if you’d be interested in me making more posts like this in the future be sure to let me know in the comments!
Have you read this book, or do you like this song? Let’s talk about it!
Thanks for reading! 🙂


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