Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

top ten (2)It’s Tuesday! How does that make you feel?
(Sorry to get all therapist on you, I just realized that I always said “Happy *insert day here*” and I wanted to switch things up so you didn’t constantly feel pressured to be happy.)
Although, why shouldn’t you be happy? It’s not Monday!
We’ve only done the introduction and already I’ve been horribly cliché by talking about how horrible Mondays are. Let’s just get started.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic isn’t – as you may have guessed – “Top Ten Horrible Uses of Alliteration in Audrey’s Posts”. Instead, the creators of this tag over at The Broke and the Bookish provided the topic of “Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors”. These are authors that – no matter what the book is about or if we’ve heard anything good about it – we’re eager to buy it. Here’s my Top Ten.


  1. JOHN GREEN: If John Green isn’t on your list of auto-buy authors then… I don’t know. You probably just don’t like John Green, which is fine. However, I really, really like John Green’s books and I’m waiting patiently for there to be another book for me to auto-buy since it’s been, what? Three years since his last?
  2. MARISSA MEYER: I resisted the urge to put Marissa Meyer first in order to avoid predictability. Also in an attempt to avoid predictability I will not mention the fact that I AM SO EXCITED FOR WINTER AND GUYS IT COMES OUT IN 84 DAYS AND IT CAN BE PREORDERED HERE.
  3. VERONICA ROTH: I can’t imagine ever not reading a book that Veronica Roth puts out, mainly because anything she writes from this point onward is likely to explode in the book community and who doesn’t want to be a part of explosions of bookish excitement? Also, she’s working on a new series that sounds super, super fun, which you can read about here. I really enjoyed the Divergent trilogy, although it didn’t complete blow me away, and considering that those were her debut novels I’m so excited to see what she offers next.
  4. RAINBOW ROWELL: I’ve read and own all of the books Rainbow has published so far and I don’t ever plan to stop growing my collection. All of the characters she creates are so unique and fun, and I can’t wait to see what kinds of books she publishes in the future.
  5. MORGAN MATSON: Contemporary queen! Stick her name on the cover and I’ll stick it on my bookshelf.
  6. SARAH DESSEN: Okay, Dessen probably co-queens with Matson in my opinion. I never really liked contemporaries until I read some Sarah Dessen. Also, her spines are so colorful and beautiful. They look super cute all together on a shelf.
  7. PSEUDONYMOUS BOSCH: I’ve mentioned good ol’ Bosch in about three posts in a row now, but he really is one of my favorite authors. No matter what he is writing about I know that I’ll want to read it because he has the most hilarious voice of any author I’ve ever read. 10/10 would recommend picking up one of his books if you haven’t already.
  8. J.K. ROWLING: I haven’t actually bought and read all of the books J.K. Rowling has put out, even if you don’t count her Robert Galbraith novel. I have yet to get to The Casual Vacancy because I’ve heard such mixed things, but I do plan on getting it sometime in the future and I can’t wait to read whatever she writes next.
  9. PATRICK NESS: I feel completely ridiculous for including Patrick Ness on this list because I’ve never even read one of his books, and I only own one of them. However, I’m in the process of obtaining the others, and every time he puts out a book I want it. His plots are always so unique, and I know once I get caught up on his other books I’ll be auto-buying his future ones.
  10. KIERA CASS: Everyone who’s been on my blog for more than a day knows exactly how I feel about The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. I didn’t know if I should include her on this list, because obviously every book she publishes that relates to The Selection is going to be an auto-buy for me, but if I’m being honest we all know that her characters aren’t the strongest and the world-building isn’t the greatest. I was worried that after The Selection, if her next books don’t manage to have the same, insanely frustrating addictive plots that I won’t like them anymore. But then, of course I’ll still auto-buy them and immediately give them a shot. How could I not want to read more books from the woman who created the most stress-inducing love triangle of all time?

Hey guys! So that’s my Top Ten Tuesday for today. I haven’t been posting as regularly as I’d like to, so I’m sorry. I have been fighting my reading slump as much as I can but it’s still pretty slow-going. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish some books soon, though, and then get some more reviews up.
Did you make a Top Ten Tuesday today, and did we have any authors in common? Let me know, I’d love to check your list out!
Thanks for reading! 🙂


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