Feature Friday: Favorite Books Through the Years

feature friday

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but this week seemed to completely fly by for me. My tennis coach was kind enough to cancel practice this morning and in that sudden free time I accomplished literally nothing… but that’s okay!
For this Feature Friday I thought it would be fun to go through each grade of school and talk about what my favorite book was from that year. It’s kind of a Flashback Friday post in that sense too… but I thought it would be too obnoxiously alliterative to call this post “Feature Friday: Flashback Friday of Favorites”. You’re welcome.
Harry Potter could obviously be mentioned as a favorite for multiple years, along with some other series, but for the sake of not being boring and repetitive I’ll only be listing one book from each series included.


circa 2006-2007 (age 5-6)
As a kindergartener, there are two main categories that books deemed “age appropriate” fall into. You have the “Books With Frustratingly Predictable Rhymes” or “Personified Pets” (you didn’t think I’d hold off on the obnoxious alliteration for the entire post, did you?). As an ambitious kindergartener I had decided that annoying rhymes were my thing, and Dr. Suess became my main man. Specifically, Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? This was most definitely my favorite book as a kindergartner, to the point that it was read as a bedtime story to me every single night multiple times. The thing about this book is that the title isn’t just a question, it’s a challenge, and I was determined to prove to Mr. Brown that I could moo… so determined that I faced the challenge 2-3 times every single night… Sorry Mom.

first grade

circa 2007-2008 (age 6-7)
0-590-37216-5At the age of six I now had a new backpack, new teacher, and a new taste in books (sorry Mr. Brown, I was just mooving on). I was now branching out to the other genre I had missed in kindergarten – a world of dancing, singing, and talking pets. Not only that, but I knew I was ready for chapter books and I was so excited! The summer after kindergarten my mom, sister, and I were leaving for a three week trip to Germany and my mom took me to Barnes and Noble to pick out a trip for the plane rides which would take about sixteen hours round trip. I was overwhelmed with all of the options of talking animals (seriously, it’s kind of scary) but I decided that I would choose Fluffy the Hamster, which is your average story about a classroom pet that has feelings of its own and goes on crazy adventures. I got a bind-up of the first three books and read them in one day, which I thought was pretty impressive back then. Unfortunately, it seems like these books are no longer in print, but fortunately you can buy Fluffy Goes to School used from Amazon for only $237.89 here.


circa 2008-2009 (age 7-8)
Like I mentioned in my “Most Read Authors” post earlier this week, my second grade teacher read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing to my class and I absolutely loved it. After having that story, I immediately read the companion books and other novels by Judy Blume. Not only that, but the fact that Fudge had a talking parrot provided enough personified pets elements to keep my little mind satisfied. But that wasn’t the only interesting pet in the book, which is what prompted my sudden and persistent desire for a pet turtle… Again, sorry Mom.


circa 2009-2010 (age 8-9)
The next book is actually the first classic I ever read. A quote from it was included in a question on a standardized test I had to take, and while I’m 99% sure I got the answer wrong the quote intrigued me and I wanted to read the whole story. I’m not sure that I understood any of the book because I honestly don’t remember anything that happened, other than there was a girl and a boy who went into the secret garden, and I’m pretty sure the boy was in a wheelchair? Guess what book it was. If you didn’t guess The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, it’s likely that you’re horrible with context clues and your WiFi is slow and doesn’t load pictures. Again, I don’t know what made me love this book so much but I read it twice that year and it remains my favorite classic (although I’m probably due for a reread to confirm that).


circa 2010-2011 (age 9-10)
I’m sure you were all anxiously awaiting the appearance of Harry Potter. I really could’ve included these books in first grade, as that’s when I first started reading and enjoying them, but I never actually read the entire series from start to finish until fourth grade. There are so many reasons why I loved these books, but I think the main one was because of all the incredibly friendly and courageous characters, like Dudley Dursley. His caring nature and bravery is probably what gave me the confidence to wear my pink fluffy Crocs every single day of fourth grade. I know that you’re thinking that this entire paragraph is oodles of sarcasm and jokes… I wish I was kidding about the Crocs.


circa 2011-2012 (age 10-11)
Fifth grade is when my obsession with the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson took over. I had read a couple of the books in years past but this was the year when I bought them all and read the series start to finish (at least as far as the series had come out). I loved the action and adventure, along with all of the well-developed characters. These books were also some of the first I read where the main character was a super kick-butt female. I remember reading the introduction of the first book about the main character fighting villains and jumping off cliffs and then being slightly surprised in the next chapter when it was apparent that Max was a girl. It was a nice change. This book also inspired one of my English class projects that year, where I made a twenty page long dictionary of MR terms, filled with words that I didn’t know how to use but thought sounded sophisticated and questionable, comma, placement. Although I now considered myself to be too mature to buy into the whole “Total the Talking Dog” plot line, I remember absolutely adoring these books.


circa 2012-2013 (age 11-12)
I know what you’re thinking, but yes. I read Cinder by Marissa Meyer in 2012. Allow me to channel my inner hipster as I proudly inform you that I read Cinder long before it was cool. I would be more excited about this if it weren’t for the fact that I’m still a little dead inside from when I had to wait almost a year for the release of Scarlet. I was actually recommend this book by a friend (that’s right guys – she read it before I read it before it was cool) and I was pretty skeptical. A fairytale retelling? What are you, 12? (Okay, that doesn’t really work here because I was, literally, about 12) However, once I gave the book a chance I fell in love, and remain in love to this day. Let me take this moment to say, for the millionth time that I need Winter. 


circa 2013-2014 (age 12-13)
In seventh grade I read my first Jodi Picoult book, which would soon become the first of many. My sister was reading House Rules for a school reading competition and it sounded really interesting to me so I read it. I fell in love with the story and the characters and sobbed at the end of the book, not because it was sad, but because I was upset that it was over. It remains my favorite adult book to this day and I recommend it to everyone, including my entire seventh grade English class during a booktalk which featured lots of awkward shuffling and “um”s.


circa 2014-2015 (age 13-14)
I mean, technically I read this book last month so it maybe shouldn’t count as eighth grade, but whatever. I know that I only gave this book 4.5 stars in my review, but the more I think about the characters and the hilarious story in this book the more and more I love it. I’m already wanting to reread it and I literally just read it, which doesn’t happen just often. Audrey was just such a lovable character (with such a great name, too!) and this book has definitely become one of my favorite contemporaries. If you’re looking for a light-hearted and hilarious contemporary, I would highly recommend Finding Audrey. I totally need to read more Sophie Kinsella, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!

So that was today’s Feature Friday. If you’ve read this far, thanks! I know it got kind of long… I tried to be concise, but you know me. I can’t wait to see what book becomes a new favorite next year. Have any of these books been your favorites? I mean, besides Harry Potter – we all know how controversial and hated those books are.
Have an amazing Friday and weekend, and thanks for reading! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Favorite Books Through the Years

  1. What a sweet idea for a feature! Sounds totally hipster of you- I wasn’t even aware Cinder’s been around for that long! Wonder what really sparked interest in it. It’s sad to think maybe there are other books out there that have been out for just as long and are just as good but unrecognized. How did you remember your favorite book from each year?

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  2. This is so cute! As a teacher, I love seeing what students’ favorite books are and how they change over time. Secret Garden is a favorite of mine too – I’ve reread it a lot over the years and it’s one of those great books that means something different every time. If you add it to your reread list I’d love to hear what you end up thinking!

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  3. I absolutely love this post and the reflection you have as a lifelong lover of books. The Secret Garden was my favorite book in Third Grade as well. You have stellar taste!

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  4. This is an absolutely great idea for a post! Wow, The Secret Garden is my favourite and first classic too! Though I should also probably re-read it again like you said to confirm haha. Nice job being one of the hipsters reading Cinder before it was “cool”! Sadly I rarely read many books before it’s cool. I also see that you’re reading “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”! How are you liking it? I just finished it last week and I’m looking forward to seeing your review about it! 🙂

    ~ Faith

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    • I like the overall writing style of Me and Earl but I find all of the swearing kind of distracting. I think it’s taking more away from the book than it’s adding, which is frustrating. I do still think it has some potential, though, so I’m hoping to finish it by the end of this month and have the review up soon!
      It’s funny that we both read the Secret Garden as our first classic! It’s such a fun and easy story though – I thought it was a great introduction into classic stories. 🙂

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      • Wow sorry this is late! But I agree with the thing about the swearing! I’m going to probably put up a review soon and then read yours! (Just so my opinion won’t be you know, too similar or anything if you get what I mean.)
        But yeah it’s a pretty I’d say, lighter read than other classics for sure. 🙂

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  5. I would love to do this but I’m not sure if I will be able to remember when I read things…. I think I’m going to try if that’s okay with you?

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