Waiting on Wednesday – July 22, 2015

waiting on wednesday**Waiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by Breaking the Spine.  Every week we feature a not-yet-released book that we’re looking forward to getting our hands on**

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

There was not a doubt in my mind that this would be my Waiting on Wednesday.  Because guys… guys

synopsis (taken from GOODREADS)

A new YA novel from novelist Patrick Ness, author of the Carnegie Medal- and Kate Greenaway Medal-winning A Monster 

Calls and the critically acclaimed Chaos Walking trilogy, The Rest of Us Just Live Here is a bold and irreverent novel that powerfully reminds us that there are many different types of remarkable.

What if you aren’t the Chosen One? The one who’s supposed to fight the zombies, or the soul-eating ghosts, or whatever the heck this new thing is, with the blue lights and the death?

What if you’re like Mikey? Who just wants to graduate and go to prom and maybe finally work up the courage to ask Henna out before someone goes and blows up the high school. Again.

Because sometimes there are problems bigger than this week’s end of the world, and sometimes you just have to find the extraordinary in your ordinary life.

Even if your best friend is worshipped by mountain lions.

so why am i so pumped?

It sounds absolutely incredible: a story told from the perspective of the person who isn’t the huge hero, the revolutionary, or the Mockingjay.  That’d be like The Hunger Games told from Gale’s perspective, or, like, Buttercup.  I know this is especially exciting for some people because it’s written by the amazing Patrick Ness, but I’m super excited and I haven’t even read a Patrick Ness book.  (I know, I know.  Long story short I really want to read his Chaos Walking trilogy but I bought the first one at a used bookstore because it was a gorgeous cover and then realized it was the UK edition.  I’m having trouble finding the matching covers and I want to own them all so I can marathon them, but I want the covers to match… sigh).  Speaking of UK covers, I’m also super pumped because this is one of those rare occasions when I personally actually prefer the US cover over the UK cover.  I absolutely love the cover of this book and I can’t wait to own it!  Is it weird that I already feel like I’m a huge Patrick Ness fan just because I’m excited to own and read all of his books?  I don’t know.

I don’t remember how I found this book (maybe from Booktubers bringing it home from BEA?  They have all the luck) but now that I have I can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s such an incredible idea, and the synopsis is so well written.  I don’t remember the last time I read a synopsis that was so intriguing yet mysterious and wonderful.  Patrick, you’re doing it right.

all the details you want to know:

Release Date: October 6, 2015

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Pages: 336

Genre: YA Fiction

Barnes and Noble          Amazon          Goodreads

Hey, hey, hey! So what do you think?  Will you be picking up this book?  Have you read any of Patrick Ness’s other books?  or What’s your Waiting on Wednesday?  Did you make a post this week?  If you did, let me know!  I’d love to check it out.

Thanks for reading 🙂


5 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday – July 22, 2015

  1. Such an amazing pick, I can’t wait to read this one, either!! I read More than This, and I absolutely loved it, I am still not over it even though it’s been months, ahah. However, I’m not sure at all about reading Chaos Walking, I don’t know if that’s a series for me… anyway, this one certainly is on my TBR! 😀

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  2. Dude. I hate your Waiting on Wednesday posts, because every time I read them I usually add that book to my reading list and more books really don’t need to be added to that thing. So thanks for that! lol. But hopefully this book is as good as the summary sounds!

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  3. This sounds like such an interesting great book! Wow, now you’ve got ME waiting on Wednesday… haha and I’ve never even ever read a Patrick Ness book! I feel like every time I read a Goodreads synopsis of a book, I then find myself browsing through a ton of new books that I can’t wait to read. It’s an endless struggle. *sighs*
    Also, random question; how did you get your text to wrap around the image of the book cover?
    ~ Faith

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    • Thanks for your comment! To get the text to go around the picture, click on the pick and format it to the side of the page you want it to be on when the text goes around it. Then you can movie the picture up and down the side of the page and the text will adjust around it nicely, but that only works if you make sure to put the picture so it is set to either the left or right side. I hope that makes sense 🙂

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