Hermione Reviews – Hogwarts: A History

**DO NOT READ: if you haven’t yet finished the Harry Potter series and are hoping to avoid spoilers**


Meet the Author!

Hermione Granger Weasley is a girl wizard extroadinaire known for her love of books and extreme intelligence (not to mention good looks).  Her friends affectionately call her a “nerd” but she knows that her intelligence will get her far in life. Her most notable achievements include the extensive amount of points she earned for Gryffindor whilst attending Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and her help in the ultimate defeat of Lord Voldemort.  Now that she’s settled down with her husband, Ron, and their children she’s decided to take it upon herself to share her extensive knowledge with the world and her love for books.  She hopes that with this blog you’ll get insight to some of the best books in the wizarding world and get to read her opinions on matters like: Do you prefer bookshelves or floating spells? and, Which is better, the fresh start in the begging of a series or the excitement of se-quills?  She’ll also be reviewing some of her favorite books from when she was younger and her current reads!

Review for Hogwarts: A History

Hello everyone and thank you for checking out my first blog post!  It’s taken a while for me to get this blog up and running because my father-in-law is absolutely obsessed with anything Muggle related, and the internet is no exception!  He insists that I refrain from doing anything unless he’s able to come and watch all of the “excitement”. Hopefully this blog will be even more active once the Quidditch World Cup excitement has died down and he’s not running around, portkey-ing to games all the time.

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Unfortunately, I haven’t been able too read very much as of late due to Rose and Hugo practicing their new spells all the time… I’m so worried they’ll light the pages on fire that I don’t often keep books in the house.  Oh, well.  I figure it’s better they got a start now… God forbid they turn out as hopeless as their father.

Because of all of this, I thought it would be fun to review one of my childhood favorites.  It’s called “Hogwarts: A History” by Bathilda Bagshot.  It’s non-fiction, and is an incredibly insightful guide into the rich history and stories of my beloved school.  You’ll learn all about the “legends” (some of which proved to be true), hidden rooms, and fun facts.  For example, Muggle technology doesn’t work inside the Hogwarts grounds which means – sadly for you – you won’t be able to keep up with this little blog once inside!

Don’t be reluctant to pick up this book just because my husband has been very vocal in the media about his dislike for it.  Let me tell you, that man has the reading range of a teaspoon.  He won’t read anything that isn’t “exciting” enough for him, but after all of our adventures nothing really is.  If I’m lucky, our kids will prove to have my reading tastes.

This is a pretty thick book, but at the end I want to read even more!  I wish there was a Hogwarts: A History 2… Now that’s a book I Hermio-need in my life!

Five Wands Out of Five

Acci-yo-yo-yo, peace out my friends!

No… Ron was right.  That did sound stupid.

Happy reading! ❤ I hope your next book is spellbinding.

xx Hermione

So… that was interesting.  This post was inspired by an upcoming Top Ten Tuesday theme, “Ten Characters Who Are Fellow Book Nerds”.  The first one that came to mind, obviously, was Hermione (and she was actually only one of three that came to mind, so I might not end up participating in that particular TTT), which got me thinking.  What if Hermione was a fellow book nerd to the point that she wanted to have a book blog too?  What books would she review, and what would she say?  And thus… this was born.  I don’t really know what this is.  It’s kind of like individual cosplay, I suppose.  Anyway, this is today’s

storytime saturday

(sorry, just wanted to show off the new header) and, coincidentally, happens to be the second Harry Potter themed one.  If you’ve caught on to the pattern of these posts: there isn’t one.  They’re not really stories, I guess, but rather personal experiences and rants and then creative writing that is solely my own or is parodies/extensions of already created work.  I don’t know what exactly I’m going to do with this series, so I’d love to hear what you liked reading the best out of the three posts I’ve done so far: the story/parody of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone ft. My Dog, the personal story/rant about spoilers, or this blog post that was told from a fictional POV.

Acci-yo-yo-yo, peace out my friends! 😉

And, because it would feel wrong to not end my post like this:

Thanks for reading 🙂


12 thoughts on “Hermione Reviews – Hogwarts: A History

    • Thank you so much! As of right now, I am planning to make more of these posts in the future, maybe with some other characters too… Ron Reviews kind of has a ring to it, right?
      I definitely wish I could read Hogwarts: A History in real life as well. I had hoped that J.K. Rowling would write one like she did with Quidditch Through the Ages and those other books, but I guess it might be hard for her to write one that would live up to the expectations we have considering Hermione spoke so highly of it 🙂

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  1. I loved it! You should do more…
    I have one question though…Hermione IS muggle-born after all, she did go home every summer, wouldn’t she have at least a slight grasp of the “internet” thing? Assuming she didn’t lock herself in her room all summer practicing spells and whatnot…I guess the timeline would be a bit off too…just wondering

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