Thursday Thoughts #2: “Giggle”


Hello, hi, I hope you’re having an incredible Thursday.  Today’s topic for “Thursday Thoughts” is simply the word “giggle”, which may seem like a strange and insignificant topic but boy, do I have a lot to say about it.

As readers, we enjoy reading because it paints a picture in our mind.  It’s like we’re reading a manuscript for a movie but we’re casting all of the characters in our head as we go and thinking about how we hope the movie ends.  The only difference between a library and a movie theatre is that a library lacks overpriced popcorn.  We like being able to picturethings.

Keeping that in mind, I absolutely hate the word giggle – for many reasons.  For one, it sounds like a word that an overprotective mother word coo in the face of her child… words with double consonants in the middle typically come off as condescending, at least in my opinion.  Words like “baggie”, “kiddo”, and “silly” drive me nuts.  But, besides that reason, there’s another situation that – when the word giggle is used – there’s a chance I’ll scream.  That situation is in…


I know authors are often advised to avoid using words like “said”, excessively, but I think what we need to teach them is to avoid the word giggle at all costs.

It may seem ridiculous, but think about it.  When was the last time you saw someone (who wasn’t four or ninety) giggle?  Giggling is so often talked about but it never really happens, which is what makes it so hard to picture.  Every time I’m reading a book and I’m picturing the scenes in my head – similar to a movie – and the word “giggle” pops up, what I picture in my mind is the same as this:

on a TV screen.  It’s just too hard to picture and it breaks up the flow for me.

Look, there’s a reason we say laughing out loud instead of giggling out loud.  No one does that.

If laughing is “haha” then giggling is definitely “hehe”, which to mean just either sounds like an evil witch cackle or one of those laughs that girls will do on TV when they’re playing dumb to get a guy’s attention. Please no.

While we’re talking about “hehe” and guys, let’s talk about when in stories guys giggle.  Look, I’m all for defying gender stereotypes and girls being able to try anything guys do and vice versa.  I’m not saying it’s impossible for guys to giggle – anyone probably could giggle, and for some people that’s probably their natural laugh, which is fine.  However, it’s not common, and still incredibly hard to picture, especially when a guy is said to be giggling in a book.  Every time I read that a guy giggles, it’s like a slap in the face saying, Yup, this is just a story, remember? For example:

“You baked me a cake?”  Jillian cried, running into the kitchen to give Bob a hug.

“Indeed I did,” said Bob, grabbing a knife out of the drawer and cutting her a slice.

Jillian took a bite and smiled.  “It’s so sweet!”

“I tried to make it match your personality,” replied Bob, giggling.

It just doesn’t work.  Like, it doesn’t even matter if it’s a flirty situation, it’s just impossible to casually giggle in the middle of a conversation.  I just spent five minutes trying to produce a natural sounding giggle and I still sound like a Barbie choking on a grape.  My dog gave me weird looks.

I don’t know guys.  Maybe I’m crazy.  Maybe giggle is your favorite word and now you feel personally attacked (that wasn’t my intention – I’m sorry!).  Are there any words that snap you out of your reading daze and just seem fake to you?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments!  or What are your thoughts on the word giggle?  Do you feel the same, or do you think I’m crazy?   I’m probably crazy.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts #2: “Giggle”

  1. How oddly perfect! I was reading The Selection yesterday and there was a point where the main character was scolded for her loud giggling. I had to literally stop and read it over, and then try to imagine it in my mind before I could move on. You’re right! It totally breaks up the flow!

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