Book Deals! – 7/12/15

Hello, I hope you’re having a wonderful day. 🙂 As you probably know, Sundays on my blog bring “random” posts, which pretty much will just vary depending on what I’m in the mood to talk about.

Today’s post is prompted by all the great book deals that are going on right now that I thought I should share with you.  I was certainly glad I discovered these so I’m hoping that this will help you find some new, great books, too!  As readers, the only thing we like better than books are cheap books, am I right?

1. BookOutlet

I’m sure you’ve heard of BookOutlet by this point as a reader, but if you haven’t, I would highly recommend checking it out here.  They have great, new books for really cheap prices and often also have deals going on for every holiday.  While you can find a lot of great books there for cheap prices, the one that I wanted to share with you is Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld.  I read this book last year and I loved it so much.  The story is about an aspiring writer and the perspective switches back and forth between her personal journey of trying to be a successful, published author and the actual story that she’s trying to get published.  The cover is absolutely gorgeous and shimmery and the page edges are also so cool looking.  The most exciting thing about this book is that it’s gorgeous, hardcover, 600 pages long, written by Scott Westerfeld, and…

Only $0.49 at BookOutlet right now!  I would highly, highly recommend picking it up here.

2. Barnes and Noble

Our good friend Barnes and Noble has a ton of sales going on right now.  Most notably, they’re having their Summer Clearance Sale.  You can browse all of those titles here, but I’d like to personally recommend you pick up this hardcover of Rainbow Rowell’s Landline for only $3.99, a book that I really enjoyed (review here).

I’d also recommend picking up The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult for $2.99.  This is my current read and I’m absolutely loving it.  My review will be up soon, but I promise this is a book you do not want to miss out on.

Barnes and Noble is also having a lot of sales on their beautiful classic collections like:

along with many others!  Also, the new Mortal Instruments paperback box set which includes the entire series (featuring the new covers) is available for pre-order (released on September 1, 2015) and is almost half off!  If you’re interested in getting that at some point, I would recommend pre-ordering it now here.

And, sidenote for Barnes and Noble, I’ve learned from experience that if you order other books in the same shipment as a preorder, none of your books will come until the preorder is released unless you pay for separate shipping.  So, if you preorder the box set along with three classic bind-ups, you won’t be getting any of your books until September 1.

3. Amazon

Amazon always has really great book sales going on, although I know a lot of people don’t like buying from Amazon.  I always try to check out the Kindle Daily Deals, and if you’re a Kindle user I would recommend you doing that too here!

The bargain section on physical books on Amazon can be pretty hard to find, but when you do find it it’s really worth it!  Their books aren’t crazy cheap, but if you’re looking for a pretty new book that might not be on sites like BookOutlet yet, I would check here in their bargains.  You can see that they have popular books like 13 Reasons Why, Eleanor and Park, and An Abundance of Katherines for significantly cheaper prices. The books in Amazon’s bargains are often really cheap on Kindle, too, even if they aren’t technically part of the Kindle Daily Deals. I have that link filtered on Teen & Young Adult, but you can browse whatever books you prefer.

I hope you enjoyed that random post for your Sunday, and I hope that it’s maybe going to help you find some good, affordable books.  This post wasn’t sponsored by any of the websites I mentioned, I just wanted to share some great deals with you!  I’m sorry, I don’t know if these two websites ship internationally and I’m not really good at currency conversions so this may not have been very helpful to my international followers. 😦

I’d love to hear if you plan on purchasing any of these books, or where you like to buy your affordable books in the comments below!  Thanks for reading. 🙂


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